As a new mum, the option of maternity leave might be a stretched out time in your life that feels like ages, but let me assure you, that time goes quickly. Whether it is six weeks, three months, six or twelve months or even longer that you get to take off with your little one, do we really make the most of it? I don’t feel like I did with both of my maternity periods. I wanted to discuss some of the things you could do during your maternity leave to better ourselves and enhance our life in some way for the future. If you are on maternity right now, I hope that this gives you some ideas and inspiration.


Maternity leaves means you are not in work, so why not use the time and travel and see the world a little bit? There have been many articles published online of families using the time to go away on holiday. Not only can you avoid the expensive school holiday periods, but it actually is a great way to spend the time. Especially if you have older siblings that havenโ€™t started school yet. The learning opportunities and just the change of scenery is enough to bank many memories of this period of time, before you have to head back into work and stick with structure and routine.

Change your career

Maybe you should change your career? It may sound crazy, but your maternity leave is the perfect opportunity to really think about whether the job and career you have is going to work around your new lifestyle and family dynamic. Maternity leave presents sometime to maybe learn from home, taking on something like an integrated marketing degree or something different entirely like nursing, psychology or even just working for a retail company. The option is yours, and you have the chance to make the change.

A time of no worry

Many mothers spend their maternity leave worrying about their babies well being. It is totally understandable especially if you are a first time parent. But, maternity leave should be enjoyed and not spent tapping in things to Doctor Google worrying whether your baby is fine or whether you are doing the right thing. I know it is easier said than done, but try and ensure you enjoy the time and make the most of it, instead of worrying about things.

Making friends

Finally, being a mother is daunting and overwhelming, and often finding people to talk to about it is the best tonic. But making mum friends is easier said than done, so a good tip is to try and make the effort to do so. Attend baby groups, step out of your comfort zone and speak to others, you never know where it might lead and it could really make your maternity leave that bit more special. Plus doing these things is great for your own sanity and for your little one. I met some great friends when I was pregnant with Noah and we are still good friends today, seven and a half years on. 

I hope that has inspired you with some of the best ways to make the most of your maternity leave.

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