Isla was sent  the Frozen game: Race to the Palace from Ravensburger and she loves it. It’s a great game that is quick to grasp and quick to play – the fast moving boardgames are the ones that captivate the children’s attention the most. They love the race to the palace, it’s deciding on who gets Elsa that’s the question. 


What comes in the box? 

You get one game board that is the shape of the path and it has the castle at the end of it. There are 5 playing pieces in the shape of counters and 4 character chips. There are also 3 dice too. Its really easy to set up and make the playing pieces up, the game is ready to play in minutes. 

How to play

The aim of the game is to roll the dice and it’s a race to the palace, quite literally. It’s suitable for 2 to 4 players and from 5 years up. Isla isn’t quite 5 yet, but she loves the boardgame. The fact there is 3 dice does make it more complicated to play, and the fact you have to move other characters too – but Isla knows the numbers and characters so it was quite easy to teach her the rules. 

You each choose a character and keep it a secret. You then take it in turns to roll the die, you can get a couple of combinations: two numbers and one colour or the other way around. The number is the amount of spaces you move and the colour indicates which character you move. So you could end up making someone else’s character win. The suspense gets too much for my littles ones. 

There are special spaces on the board which allow you to jump forward spaces or a nasty one that sends you back. So you want to avoid that one. The winner is the token that reaches the castle and then you can all reveal who your character was. Exciting stuff. 

There has been a lot of fibbing from my two, in order to be the winner they make up which character they had. Sometimes they have argued about the winner, but practising the game makes them learn that you cannot win everything. I like games that teach them lessons. 

Any Frozen fans are going to love this game. 

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018