I love puzzles and thankfully so does little Isla, even Noah enjoys doing the odd puzzle. The feeling of accomplishment and getting the brain ticking is what does it for me. We jumped at the chance to review the new Finding Dory puzzles from Ravensburger. I cannot wait to see this film!

We were sent a Finding Dory Giant Floor Puzzle and a Finding Dory 3DPuzzle. I thought Isla would whizz through the giant floor puzzle and she did. I also thought she would grasp the 3DPuzzle with both hands but this one has become Mummy’s favourite. It took me about 2 minutes to work out how to complete it and then a further 15 minutes to actually finish it.

Finding Dory 3DPuzzle

This is brilliant fun and quite easy to get your head around once you know how to complete the puzzle. A couple of friends tried and did not know where to start. So I thought I would have a go.


First things first, each piece of puzzle has a picture on one side (a traditional puzzle) and a number system on the back side. The numbers go from 1 to how ever many pieces of the puzzle there are. So for example this puzzle has 72 pieces, so the numbers grow from 1 to 72. You start with piece number 1 and attach piece number 2 where the arrow is pointing from piece number 1. Eventually, joining up four pieces to make a square shape.


The highest number is always the piece that joins on to the next number, so 4 joins to 5 for example. The arrow always indicates which side the puzzle piece goes. You could also use the image to help guide where the puzzle piece slots in, like a traditional puzzle.

I loved it. I couldn’t  get enough and wanted to do it again, quicker. It’s like I now have a challenge to do it as quickly as possible. Not that I am competitive. Isla likes helping me with the 3DPuzzle, she passes me the next number and we do it together. It’s nice family time. There is also something quite de-stressing about completing puzzles.


The puzzle pieces are plastic, so not only are they child friendly in that they do not break from being dribbled on. But they also are easier to hold when making the globe shaped puzzle. I love the fact the 3dPuzzle ends up being a lovely room display at the end of it, so you do not need to put it back away again. It’s a great idea for any Finding Dory puzzle fan.


My little tip

When setting out to complete a 3DPuzzle, turn over all the pieces so you can see the numbers on the back. Lay them out in their numbers, by tenth. So put the 1-10 pieces together and 11-20 pieces together. This way you will complete the puzzle in minutes.

Finding Dory Giant Floor Puzzle


I love the giant floor puzzles because they are great for the kids to do as a 10 minute calm down exercise. But they are also great for when they have friends over as they can do them together.

This puzzle is a 35 piece giant floor puzzle, it spans about 26 cm by 18 cm. So a good puzzle for the children to play with together, as it means they can sit side and side. I love getting the children to work on logical things together. It’s nice seeing them help each other too. 


The puzzle is nice and colourful, offering a lot to see. So a good game of eye spy can come from the giant puzzle. I love the bright colours from the Nemo and Dory movies, the orange octopus suckers make the bottom of this puzzle quite a challenge. But the children soon worked it out.


You can buy the puzzles online and are both £9.99 each: the Giant Floor Puzzle – http://tinyurl.com/jpnodgb and the 3D Puzzle – http://tinyurl.com/z68yvjg.


I would love to hear about your comments on the Finding Dory movie. Also, if you have the 3D Puzzle – how long did it take you?

Right, onto the next 3DPuzzle…

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