Isla recently received a wonderful Princess Peppa Carraige toy, Isla loved it because it was Peppa Pig but she is a princess Peppa. What a great idea! Princess Peppa is off to the ball in her beautiful free-wheeling carriage! I have always wondered if they would do a girlie version of the Peppa Pig range, so this Princess range is perfect. 

The Carriage is free-wheeling and can be pushed around like any normal vehicle. You can lift the carriage roof up and put Peppa Pig inside. Sorry, Princess Peppa. If you look closely in the carriage you can see there is a royal throne for Peppa to sit on. The horses connect to the carriage easily and coachman George can sit and guide the way through the forests of the kingdom. 


I love the fact that the figures are the same size as the other Peppa Pig characters, so that they can all play together. The horses are really bendy, the reins bend like a real set of reigns would. This range is a must have for any Peppa Pig range. 

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018