Christmas is not far away, do you need a little inspiration for some fantastic gifts that are brilliant quality for your loved ones? How about a personalised gift? Something a little extra special. I have picked out a few of the ones that I love from some of my favourite websites.

Personalised gifts

Personalised Shabby Chic Christmas Family Plaque

Born Gifted have a fantastic range of products in their Christmas shop online. I found this shabby chic Christmas family plaque and thought it was adorable, what a great gift for someone for Christmas or for your own house. Hand made in the shabby chic style and hand painted, this Christmas family plaque is personalised with the family name. You can select up to 7 little wooden characters to match the family members including the pet cat or dog! This is a great present for only £19.99.


Felt Stitch Friends Personalised Mince Pie Plate 

I adore this plate, what a great idea for the children, this could be a nice pre-Christmas present, we do Christmas eve presents in our house, so this is perfect. Or you could give it to someone for Christmas so they can use it next year and on Christmas Day night – Santa might pop back to get a thank you glass of milk, mince pie and carrot for the reindeers. It is only £15.99 – I just love the idea of having a plate with Noah and Isla on it, they would really get into the spirit of it all too. You can personalise the plate with any message you like, this is perfect for leaving out for Santa!



Special gifts

You don’t necessarily have to buy personalised products to make them special, it can be the product itself that sets out traditions and ideas to make special moments in your family, or for a loved one for Christmas.

Gingerbread House Advent

We got the children a traditional advent calendar this year, Noah has this wonderful Gingerbread House and he loves it. Father Christmas sneaks in and puts a chocolate in the correct number each night and Noah wakes up and finds it. He asks me every night is Father Christmas going to get him his number chocolate tomorrow, we ask him if he has been a good boy and he says yes. The past few nights we have been tieing this in to his “not wetting the bed” celebration, he gets an extra chocolate if he wakes up with a dry bed. Yes Noah is going to bed without pull ups! Hooray. It’s all thanks to Father Christmas and his extra chocolate. This house was £29.99 and we can use it every year, forever. It is a really durable house and I am very impressed with the quality of it. I love the front with the three gingerbread men drawers, it is really cute.


Fabric Nativity Set by Oskar and Ellen

This little Nativity set is really cute and I can picture Noah and Isla now, arranging the set so it looks correct and telling Christmas Nativity stories together so that they learn all about it. It would be a great present for a family or for your own children to get involved and in the festive spirit – and learn all about where Christmas came from! This set is £32.99 and is fabric, so good for the children to handle and arrange.


Homemade gifts

 There is so many ways of getting inspiration to make loved ones homemade gifts, I have seen lots of things online that have inspired me to get creative over the past few weeks – making a nativity stage for the set above for example. What a great little extra for someone. That little extra effort never goes unnoticed either. I have recently fell in love with the blog I heart naptime and there are so many ideas for making special and personalised presents for people. It is a great way of adding a little something extra to someone’s Christmas. Check out the Christmas handmade gifts ideas and add something extra to a personalised gift from above.


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Last Update: Monday, 8th December 2014