There is no occasion more beautiful than celebrating the blessing of a baby. Whether it’s your own baby shower or that of a loved one, toasting the bub and mummy-to-be is the first of many treasured memories the two will share. Now tailoring a baby shower worthy of nine months of discomfort – that’s the task at hand!


I can’t be the only one who has struggled to identify what those expecting are expecting.

Often great baby shower gift ideas occur to us after the fact, if at all, with such a myriad of options to consider. As prams and car seats are typically the first crossed off the list (thanks grandparents), it’s the little bits and bobs that go a long way and usually the items she hasn’t thought of herself.

Bundling a few goodies together in a rustic hamper always gets the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ and it means you can spoil both baby and mummy. Opt for some cute baby outfits that she herself would not buy, and throw in some items that will help ease the initial stress of motherhood.

Personally, one of my favourite gifts at my shower was the novelty baby clothes, as well as a silk eye mask and bathrobe – you would be surprised how often these will be used!


A common theme I like for baby showers is spring, with fresh blooms symbolic of new life and possibility. The fact that a pregnant woman looks gorgeous with a flower crown is just a bonus! Decorate her throne with flowers and vines and ask guests to dress in florals, this will make our mummy feel like royalty and make the photos so much more impactful.

An open setting such as a garden or outdoor patio invites a relaxed atmosphere, and being surrounded by grass, funky outdoor furniture and natural light; the themeing is already half way done. If there are little ones attending, throw down a blanket and cushions for them to play.

For those winter showers, a basket or old suitcase with blankets is a nice touch! Complement your surrounding by stringing some festive baby bunting from a tree to a pole for a real sense of arrival for the guests.


We have all been to that shower, where the games range from measuring the mummy’s waist to sniffing nappies. Now while I can’t speak for every woman, spending her last hoorah declaring her measurements  and sniffing 5 nappies is surely not that much fun. Instead, embrace some less literal games, something that celebrates the excitement of her next chapter.

One of my favourite shower games is each guest writes a letter to the baby introducing themselves, and tells a funny anecdote about the parents. Once each guests reads the letter, roll them up and put in a box for the baby’s 18th. This is always uplifting; acting as a good bonding opportunity for attendees who may not have met.

For those up to a challenge, grab some white bibs or onesies and have the guests decorate them with fabric paint. This activity always get creative after a glass or two, there may even be a Picasso among you!


The menu of a baby shower should be light and easy, considering the varied mix of attendees, and of course the diet of a woman in her final weeks of pregnancy (no sushi platters). High tea is a very popular style, with a balance of sweet and savouries in delicate portions. Think scones and finger sandwiches accompanied by a light sponge and little tartlets.

If the high tea stands are too much trouble, present them buffet style on a table, that way the group can graze throughout the day. Fruity mocktails are great for our mummy-to-be, choose seasonal fruit unique to the season the baby will be born and use paper straws to really blow her away. Rosé is always a favourite for guests on this occasion, and will tie in nicely with the theming.

These tips barely scratch the surface of the fun that can be had at a baby shower! Remember, the beauty of a perfect baby shower is all in the details!

Boho party image by Karas Party Ideas.

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