The kids absolutely love the new Zuru X Shot range. They were sent the fabulous Swarm Seeker. It blasts 10 darts in seconds, its pretty quick. The idea of this rapid fire blaster is that you release the swirling bugs from the motorised launcher and you have to aim and fire. It’s really difficult, when you’ve had no practice, but it is definitely going to keep them entertained for the rest of the Summer. Here’s what we thought about the new Bug Attack range from Zuru. 

Zuru Swarm Seeker

Load up the foam darts into the auto-sliding side clip, place the flying bugs onto the motorised launcher, press down to release them into the air, take aim  – and FIRE! The motorised launcher is brilliant too, it needs 4 AA batteries to work but you press the button to power it up and let go and the bugs go flying. You can see the foam dart almost getting the flying bug in the photo below, Noah nearly got it: 

We have had great fun playing with this blaster, it does take a bit of getting used to when you first use it. You have to load up the foam darts in to the clip and use the blaster loader to load the clip into position. Then you simply aim, fire and reload. The Swarm Seeker shoots up to 90ft away, it feels like it can get targets from miles away. It’s so clever.

You can get through 10 darts really quickly. RRP £19.99 from major toy retailers. You can also buy this as a two pack to play with friends for only £29.99. 

The Bug Attack range 

We were sent some of the other Bug Attack products, Predator and Rapid Fire. They are also really fun. They shoot up to 80ft which is still pretty far and are easy to load with the foam darts. It was great because Isla had one to play with and so did a grown up. We created a bug attack scenario in the garden and had lots of fun trying to get the bugs when they zoomed over head or tried to creep down the furniture. 

Target practice 

The good thing is this set can be played with outdoors and indoors. You can set up a quick combat zone anywhere really. We have talked about taking it to the local woods to have a Zuru war – but we will need to stock up on foam darts before we do that! It’s great the kiddies can get target practice in when the rain is coming down. I found it really difficult to hit the bugs, none of us hit the bugs even once (at first). They move down the furniture so quickly. It was a lot of fun though. Targets climbing down walls, flying through the air – it is a real action adventure. 

The thing I love about these Zuru products is that they are a lot cheaper than the leading brand but they are just as good. The power in them is incredible. We have had to have major safety discussions to make sure no one gets hurt. The children think it’s hilarious how powerful they are. 

Don’t forget if you lose your foam darts or bugs you can buy a Swarm Attack Pack for just £4.99 which contains 2 flying bugs and more foam darts! That’s the one thing I was worried about – loosing the darts so easily because we are not very good at aiming them. Visit Zuru at, Like them on Facebook @ZURUToysCompany, or Follow them on Twitter @ZURUToys.

Do you have any Zuru products? What do your children think about them? Do you set up assault courses in your garden? I would love to hear about how you interact with your children and the Bug Attack range in the comments below or on Social Media: @mummyconstant

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Last Update: Sunday, 26th August 2018