I have been a blogger for over 10 years now and it has been an incredible journey. I started writing about my pregnancy, what I was experiencing, and sharing photos of my bump growing, and that somehow developed into what it is today. I write about the things we do, as a family and get to run fab competitions for my readers.

My Next Steps

The next step for me was to step into the world of Instagram and see if I could have the same effect with my posts on that platform, as I do with my blog. I love photography, it is my hobby, but I didn’t have a clue whether I would pick up a following or not. 

I just wanted to post the photos that I loved and a few years later I have some amazing followers. But I still didn’t feel like I had a clue what I was doing. The “How To Make Money As An Instagram Influencer” online course by LadyBossBlogger has really made me think differently about Instagram and how I post.

LadyBossBlogger Course Breakdown

The course is broken into sections and these span from things I already know, to things I hadn’t thought about before. It really is a one-course catch-all

Some people get into Instagram influencing because they want to make money and learning how to use Instagram as a business is a good starting point, which is covered in this course.

The course has a wonderfully positive spin, I love the way you are motivated to get on and take action. The course is written by the lovely Elaine Rau and she is such a lovely lady, she really pushes you to be the best influencer you can be.

Tips That I Have Picked Up So Far 

I will definitely be incorporating these things into my plans:

  •  Research the brands I want to work with and see what their photography style is like
  •  Search for UK based influencer websites to connect with brands
  •  Create a media kit to send to brands that might want to work with me
  •  Reflect on what my purpose is with Instagram
  •  Have a bit more fun with my stories

I am halfway through the course and I am really looking forward to finding out more about how to be a better influencer and help my readers and followers. I really want to be a source of inspiration to other families out there, share tips and family fun along the way.


I have teamed up with LadyBossBlogger to give away one of her courses to you FOR FREE! The giveaway will be held on my Instagram. Here are the guidelines to enter:

  1. Follow me @mummyconstant
  2. Follow @ladybossblogger 
  3. Follow @elainerau 
  4. Like the photo and tag a friend in the comments! 
  5. Earn extra entries by tagging more friends

You can also use my promo code SONIACONSTANT to get 40% off any of her courses! 

Additional LadyBossBlogger Resources

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Last Update: Saturday, 27th June 2020