Yeah for the #weekend!! It seems to be the only time where tensions aren’t high and there is a calm amongst us.

We have no grand plans, obviously, but we do tend to get the dogs walked first thing (as it’s too hot later on) and then we do some gardening.

Yesterday I spent an hour pulling all the weeds and long grasses from the front garden. It looks so much neater now but I still have a lot of work to do.

I love this photo of us of all, we do not have many as we never sit still long enough 🤪 This is our family lockdown portrait though and it’s a nice memory: sunny days, rainbows and quality time together at home.

Do you have any special memories throughout this lockdown?


Yeah for the #weekend!! It...

What a great #friyay it’s been! We spent the morning “washing” the food shopping, then went for a nice big walk around Godmanchester meadows. It was a beautiful walk and nice as there was a breeze which cooled us down.

Yes, I did say wash the shopping. Is anyone else doing this? I basically Zoflora all of the food shopping as I unpack it. The actual shopping process takes a lot longer and now I’ve added an extra 30 mins with the clean. We just want to be sure it’s not harbouring anything. Peace of mind if nothing else.

Then this afternoon we let the kids have movie time. They’ve been getting too hot in the garden. It is super hot in the garden, it seems to be a little sun trap. Which I’m not complaining about.

Daddy then took the kiddies to the park to play croquet and I had a snooze in the sun.

All in all it’s been a beautiful day and chilled. Probably one of my favourite Fridays.

What did you get up to?


What a great #friyay it’s...

🐝 We have really loved spending time in our garden. Exploring the nature and wildlife that shares the space with us. We found a moth caterpillar today; it was amazing to see it so up close and personal. We ended up discussing the Hungry Caterpillar story from their childhood, it was a nice nostalgic moment.

Yesterday, we spent some time counting up all the bees we could see in the garden. We found the 15 in the back and 4 in the front garden. They love this purple flower that has popped up this month. Sometimes you can see the bees with all the nectar hanging off the back of their legs. It sparked a discussion about the process of making honey. The children are fascinated.

We are lucky to live by a large park; it has woodlands and a big open space with lots of wildflowers and long grass. We often spot wildlife during our daily walk and sometimes sit and see what fly’s past. Obviously sticking to government guidelines.

For those animals that we do not live close by, or are even in the same country, we’ll be snuggling up to Sky Nature, the new channel from @skytv that is dedicated to exploring the natural world. Isla’s favourite animal is a ring tail lemur, she carries one (usually in her mouth) everywhere and so I couldn’t help but series link the Gangs of Lemur Island episodes. I am going to make a quiz about lemurs to test her afterwards! This is a favourite activity throughout lockdown, a great way of learning something new.

Sky Nature is available now, it’s channel 130 on Sky Q and it comes at no extra cost.

#ad #SkyNature #NatureAtHome

🐝 We have really loved...

Our half term routine (it really doesn’t feel like a half term) is dog walk, craft or sport activity and then garden fun.

The weather has been incredible over the past few days and it looks set to be the same for the weekend. Lots of paddling pool #games in the garden and adventure dog walks in our nearby parks.

How does everyone feel this evening with the new lockdown rules? I’m not sure how I feel. The kiddies grandparents can come and visit, but still can’t hug or be “normal”. I’m not sure the kiddies would be able to not do this, especially if they are sitting in the garden.

Maybe I’ll wait for the guidelines to be added to the site before I try and decide what it will mean for us. Gather the facts... make a decision... get through it with a smile. Seems to be my lockdown mantra.


Our half term routine (it...

🐾 Happy 12th birthday to my beautiful furbaby; Rocky. Despite making the neighbours mad over the past few weeks with the bird capturing (all of which flew off in the end) he is the best.

Not many of you will know that Rocky was an engagement present to me from Hubby. He came home from work one day with Rocky meowing behind his back... he had the cutest squeak. He was a little ball of fluff.

Rambo (our Jack Russell) immediately took ownership and they’ve been best buds ever since.

He’s such a handsome cat, yes I’m biased, he gives me snuggles at night and entertains us with his chasing and playful moments.

I can’t believe he’s 12. He’s lived in 5 different houses and his dog cat qualities are incredible. He seems to understand commands like the dogs... he sits for food and is quite obedient for a cat.

I’ll be sharing some cute Rocky photos in my stories today... his kitty look is adorable.

Has anyone else enjoyed spending all of this time with their pets?

🐾 Happy 12th birthday to...

The best #view comes from the hardest climb!

Now I know this is not a mountain, it’s a collapsed tree trunk and it didn’t take hours to climb, it took 20 minutes.

The point is something can be a difficult journey mentally. This journey we are all on throughout lockdown is difficult. We are sailing along in our little boats, trying not to rock them too much.

We WILL get through it. We will see that better view. One where we can hug our family and see our friends again. Where we can go out to eat with our loved ones and splash about at a water park.

We just need to stay strong. Be patient. Be resilient.

What do you think life will look like the other side of lockdown?


The best #view comes from...

Oh #lastyear. What fun memories. What happy times. Our last holiday abroad was a year ago, Crete was beautiful. I’ve spent lots of hours during lockdown looking at our photos and remembering our family time together.

It feels like ages ago since we were there. But also it feels like last month! Does anyone else feel like this with things that happened before lockdown?

The past 8 weeks have gone so quickly, it’s quite unbelievable to think we are heading into Summer. The whole of Spring would have been spent in lockdown. But it doesn’t feel like we’ve been doing it for a season.

I can’t wait to go on holiday again. Once Crete opens its gates, I think we’ll head back. Family time with all inclusive. Just the ticket to focus on!

What are you focusing on to get you through this?


Oh #lastyear. What fun memories....

What a lovely chilled #bankholiday we’ve had today. It started with a dog walk, before it got too hot, I love this photo of my babies.

Then we had breakfast in the garden, it was 17 degrees by 9am I think this morning.

I mowed the lawn and cut the edges with my grass scissors 🤣 and set the paddling pool up.

We’ve all spent the afternoon dipping in the pool, playing on the trampoline and even a little bit of crafts.

This evening we carried on our Marvel fest, we’re doing the chronological story order (not the created order) and we’re up to Iron Man. It was brilliant. A great action movie.

I’ve never seen any of the marvels. Until now. I’m so grateful for @disneyplusuk keeping it all in one place!

Have you seen them?


What a lovely chilled #bankholiday...

Noah & Isla – the adventure begins

Well whoever thought this was going to be easy, was deluded! Before Isla arrived Noah was showing signs of early “Toddler Tantrums” and now Isla is here, it makes them 10 x’s worse – if you ask me. Whereas before I had the energy to deal with it, I wasn’t sleep deprived and Noah had 100% of my attention, I now feel the opposite. It’s actually quite sad in some respects because Noah’s world has kind of been tipped upside down, so you have to expect a few teething problems.

If I don’t get a good nights sleep with Isla then the next day, I can guarantee, will always be testing. The things I find best to do, to deal with these testing times, is to go and visit family/friends or just get to the park. Noah can run wild then, or get lots of attention from other people, which is nice for him. That might sound selfish on my part, but when I am feeding Isla or dealing with her wind & colickyness, I do feel terribly guilty that Noah is just having to get on with it.

Noah has grown an obsession with Toy Story 3 over the past month and admittedly its my fault! Because when I am feeding Isla, I have been sitting on the sofa in my breastfeeding pillow to get comfortable and this means that I cannot “dart” up so quicky to deal with Noah and whatever he might be getting up to (falling over, hurting himself, getting stuck, wanting to play etc) so Toy Story 3 has come to my rescue. I am sure I am not the only mum in the world to do this and I do talk to him about what we are watching, for example, we discuss colours and characters along the way. Noah makes choo choo noises when the train scene is on and he now says Woody, so if its helping with his sounds and speaking then who am I to grumble.

This week Noah has been taking things off of Isla and when I sat her in the Bumbo, he went in it straight afterwards (where he has been ignoring it for a year) so he is doing these things, not sure whether its out of jealousy or him saying “Well actually Isla these are all mine and you cannot have them!” but today he did try and give a toy back to Isla, which is progress. A sign that he is willing to share his toys is a good starting point, we now need to work on it – Isla cannot take them off of him at the moment anyway, so we have a good couple of months to get on the case.

Isla is getting more and more cuddles and kisses now which is great, less slaps… Hopefully it will be the end of all these slaps very soon, I have noticed a change in Noah’s behaviour this week – like he’s understanding more & more. He now puts his drink down in the drink holder in his highchair, where he used to throw it on the floor before and he seems to know everything I am saying- a good thing, 95% of the time!!



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  • Kara
    June 16, 2012

    It is funny, Isaac was into Toy Story 3 when Eliza came along – we now have ALL the toys!!!
    It does get easier, but there is still the odd jealous moment even now and we are 17 month on!!

  • My boys are 20 months apart and Spud ignored Pooh Bear completely at first. Now they wrestle all the time and Spud is often too rough but he’s not caused any lasting damage so far! It’s not too bad now as Pooh Bear is 14 months and his feeds are rarely over 10 minutes long but I too used to stick a DVD on and we bought the Toy Story trilogy which he loves. I always discuss what’s happening with him too. He also takes things from PB and wants to play with ‘baby’ toys he wouldn’t otherwise be interested in but as PB has gotten bigger and is now walking, I can see that they are enjoying each other’s company more and more and it won’t be long before they are playing (sometimes) happily together.

    It’s tough when they’re both little but it’s not long before they’re both driving you mad climbing and running about everywhere together and ganging up on you 😀

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