I recently came across the fantastic personal shopper app that fits right inside my pocket and picks out all of the clothes that I am interested in, in one fell swoop – Mallzee. I can use it when I am waiting for the children to go to sleep, when I am in the bath, when I am walking to and from meetings at work, when I am waiting in the doctors; it really is a great little app to have. I do not get time to shop like I used to and my friends are always working when I am too, so shopping with them is not something that happens very often – they were my personal shoppers before.




I do think its nice to have a little rant on the app too, if I have been having a bad day, giving the thumbs down to the clothes I do not want, somehow, makes me feel better. Yes I am crazy! It is great for getting a quick look at what is hot, or specific brands or even your very own style feed with the things that only you want to see in it. Good huh? I am a pain in the bum when getting ready, you just ask my hubby: does it look right? are they the right colours? does it match? At least I can see on Mallzee how things might add up before I buy them.

My Mallzee style:

What did Mallzee inspire me with this week then, well, I went all autumnal and created my own autumn style feed with my favourite brands and it went from there:


Whats in my hot picks from Mallzee:

  1. Miss Selfridge Borg Lined Parka £95.00
  2. Miss Selfridge Pussybox printed playsuit £20.00
  3. River Island Black cut out ankle boots £38.00
  4. Topshop Doe Eyed Lashes Mascara £10.00
  5. Topshop Womens Sheer Lips in Alibi £8.00

I obviously went with the nice snug coat and ankle boots to kick off the autumn look, I will be wearing black tights with this outfit. I loved the playsuit and it was in the sale as well, bonus and you can’t wear an outfit like this without wearing nice black mascara to bring your eyes alive. I am really into nude and natural colours for my lips and eyes at the moment, so I instantly saved the lips in Alibi to my favourites to purchase later. I love the fact these items are all “normal” prices, I set a top value on my searches as my budget isn’t huge for Mummy clothes, so it is great I can search within my limits. You can share things really easily from your phone, you simply press share when you are looking at the item and choose where you would like it go: twitter in my case. I wanted to show off the nude colour lip that I found with my followers. It is really easy, see:





 How did I create my style feed?

  • Click on the + sign on the top right hand side of the style view.
  • Added a photo, gave the style a name and selected my gender.
  • Choose the garments you want to search for.
  • Choose the colours you are interested in.
  • Choose the brands you want to view.
  • Select a price range.
  • Save your style feed.
  • You can now access your style feed from the homepage of Mallzee.



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