Date night might come round once in a blue moon for you, but it still deserves to be fun, fresh, and special. And even when you can’t go out, you should feel great in what you’re wearing and like you can do anything with your significant other! That’s why you should think about trying out a few different things each time, to ensure you and your partner have a night in you won’t forget about anytime soon. But if you’re currently a little too tired from parenting or working to come up with ideas, we’ve got a few for you right here. 

Date nights

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Go for a Walk First

Going for a walk, and getting out in the fresh air, is a lovely way to start a date night. If it’s a nice evening with the sun going down, you still get to have some time truly to yourselves away from the house, but you don’t have to put much effort in. No dressing up for a restaurant, and you only need to talk to each other as you go. If you’ve got dogs you can bring them along, but try to keep this private time for the two of you – even a 10 minute walk can make the atmosphere of your evening feel very special. 

Come Up with a Silly Challenge to Try

Silly challenges, like eating dessert blindfolded or a food fight with shields (whoever is the messiest at the end loses!) are great ways to have fun on a date night. You can come up with a different challenge each time, and the weirder the activity you’ve got to do, the better! A lot of couples like to do scavenger hunts or play hide and seek, but you can really get up to anything here, as long as you’ve got the time and the space to get on with it. 

Cook Your Meal Together

If you’re cooking together, you’re spending a lot more time together than you’d usually get! So why not split the kitchen into two, give each person a portion of the meal to get ready, and then turn your backs and don’t turn around until you’re done? Whatever you produce you’ve got to eat! Then uncork a bottle of spritz to enjoy with it and sit down to have a laugh together. Even if it’s ‘bad’, you’ve had fun as a couple, and that’s the quality time you might be missing out on. 

Surprise Them!

There’s nothing wrong with a surprise. Make sure it’s little – you don’t have to buy diamonds or a new car here! A single flower you know they love, or a box of their favorite chocolate, or maybe a new charm for a bracelet they hold dear (just nothing too fancy!). Picking up the takeaway they like is also a winner; just do something lovely that you know they aren’t expecting. 

At-home date nights can be the most fun of all. You just need to keep them fresh! 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024

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