It’s Isla’s fifth birthday next Wednesday, I am still in shock how quickly this has come around, and it is always this time of year that leaves me thinking “What do you get a little girl these days?”. She loves her dolls, blind bag toys and surprise egg toys too. I love finding new products and we found a new one recently: L.O.L. Surprise! They are ball shaped, hidden under 7 layers of treats until you get the surprise in the middle… Its a mini doll!

There is so much detail that goes into these toys its incredible, from the layers of surprises to the little dainty dolls in the middle. Isla was lucky enough to get Miss Baby, whose motto is “put a sash on it”. She is just adorable. She had shoes, a tiara and a sash for Isla to put on. She had some activities around the layers too – sweeties and colouring in sheets. I think it’s a fab idea to keep a little lady entertained, the whole opening took her around 30 minutes as she really did enjoy each layer.

Miss Baby came with a little water bottle, you can fill the bottle up and feed the water to her. She drinks the water and when squeezed she cries or pees! The other thing I really liked about the balls is that they turn into a carry case and a little chair for the doll to sit. It’s such a clever idea. I wish I had things like this from when I was a child.

With each ball you get one doll with accessories, the fun thing about the accessories is that they can mix and match onto all the other dolls. So you can mix up their outfits and shoes, jewellery etc. I think it may have started off a new collection for little Isla. You can buy these wonderful balls of fun from your local Argos store, or Smyths Toys Superstore and they are a really good price for £7.99. I wonder what L.O.L. Surprise! doll you will get!

You can see the entire collection of series one on line, they are all really cute dolls. You can print a certificate of adoption, posters and the collectors guide which is always handy when starting up a collection.

I took quite a lot of photos of Isla playing with Miss Baby below, I can’t wait to get her a new one:

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018