LeapFrog sent Noah one of their Tag Junior Reading Systems to review several months ago and it has been amazing watching him learn whilst using it. LeapFrog now sell the new LeapReader Junior Book pals, which come in a green and purple – but you can still get the original Tag Junior from stockists.

Tag Junior is a great idea for little ones, it helps with reading, learning, counting, learning shapes and being creative. The books you can purchase for the the Tag system are brilliant – some varied choices and different themes to choose from.


The system is really clever, it works by a censor in the bottom of the Book Pal that when hovered over certain items on a page, it will play a sound. So for example, when you hover the Book Pal on the writing it reads out the writing. I find it fascinating how it all works, the kids do too. Isla’s face lit up when she first heard the little Book Pal talk back, especially as he called out Noah.


When you buy new books for the Tag Junior / LeapReader you need to connect the Book Pal to your computer to download the new audio files. You have to download the LeapFrog Connect application, which you can find on the LeapFrog website and then it prompts you with step by step instructions on how to connect up your device. It is really easy. Once its connected you can look at the set up of the Book Pal, tell it your child’s name and download the audio files for the books you purchase. It synchronises with the device and then you can eject it and you are free to go and Tag away.


The Tag Junior Book Pal and books are really great for toddlers, Isla and Noah both love theirs and Isla loves reading through the books – Toy Story and Cars are a big hit. I would recommend a LeapReader to any 1 – 3 year old, they are such a great idea to encourage reading.


If you would like to buy a Book Pal for your little one, you can purchase them on the LeapFrog website – LeapReader Junior Book Pals are the updated version to the Tag Junior. You can follow LeapFrog on Twitter: @LeapFrog_UK , like them on their Facebook Page and you can follow their Pinterest boards too.




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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018