I have been looking on the John Lewis website and I have come up with a little wish list of items that I think would kit out my lounge for summer. I need everything from vases to ideally, a lovely new fashionable sofa. I fell in love with some amazing items which I will share with you below:


Carrie Petite Sofa in the lime and poppy option, from the House range at John Lewis. It is £799 and I think it is just gorgeous; the colour is so vibrant and would fit right in my house – which has a splash of colour in each room. I think it is a very summery colour and will make the lounge feel warm and bright. I love the fab cushions and throws for this sofa too – keep reading for more.


This Cable Knit Throw in green will go perfectly with the lovely Carrie Petite Sofa, it is only £40. I am all for taking a colour and throwing different varieties of that colour together – having different greens together with a splash of a completely different colour and patterns looks really funky. Throws are always good, especially if I want to sit by the double doors and relax in the summer sun.  Which reminds me, we will need something to rest on…


This Fatboy Bean Bag in Marimekko Unikko is so bright and vibrant; it would be great with the greens of the sofa and throw. At a cost of £219 it’s a perfect price and will be perfect for those little “me” moments over the summer sunny periods. I can just see it now – I just sit down with my throw for a little afternoon nap in the sun and who should appear, Noah & Isla of course! They would love this too; I think it would become Isla’s chair.


I love this Recycled Glass Vase that comes in green, its £5 on the website and I like the idea of buying a few of them and having them lined up on my shelf. I like the colour and I love the recycled glass – we have a lot of things like this in the kitchen with pasta and cereals in. It makes things look so much better; maybe I could put a little flower in each vase from the garden!


To pull all of the greens together in the lounge, I would get this huge rug that looks like it will be really soft and cosy. At £250, the Perth Rug is huge at 3metres by 2metres – it will fill up half of my lounge which will be “Mummy’s” half and the kids play area will be kept child friendly.


I couldn’t finish off my wish list with out a cushion or 2, I love the breezy botanical collection and they vary from £15 – £40. I love the different patterns and splashes of colour; these would all look great on the Carrie Petite Sofa and would finish off the lounge perfectly for summer!

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