Isla and Noah were sent a colourful “laptop” as they call it, In the Night Garden Magic Mirror from KD Planet. Not only is it a mirror so your little one can see themselves, it helps to teach numbers and quantities. It also helps develop colour recognition and imaginative play, topped off with a lot of In the Night Garden music.

ITNG (2)

If you look closely on the mirror, when you press the big buttons lights and characters appear. It is good because you have to look closely in some light which helps develop those little eyes focussing on iggle piggle and of course it is magic! The buttons play different songs from the TV show and the little ones can listen to the tunes, whilst learning about colours, characters and numbers. It is really small so you can carry it around with you to various places, we took it to Devon which was great as it gave Isla something to do whilst waiting for her breakfast. You can buy one of these magic mirrors from the Argos website, they are currently £14.99.

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018