If you have young children, then a typical garden can present a variety of hazards and dangers which could cause an injury. Children need to get plenty of fresh air and the opportunity to exercise, so having access to a safe outdoor space is the key to their happiness and wellbeing. How do we make sure our gardens are safe for young children to play in, however? After all, there are several garden hazards which could pose a threat to a child’s health, and this guide shows you what they are and how to make them safe.


For small children, one of the biggest dangers in a garden is water. Every year there are stories in the news about this issue, outlining the injuries caused by falling into ponds. If you have young children at home, or who visit your garden regularly, build railings to go around the edges of a pond, or cover the surface with a secure wire mesh frame to stop anyone from slipping and falling in, even adults! However, even with safety measures in place, do not leave children unattended around water.


If you have steep steps in your garden, they can be a magnet for children who like to climb up and down. Minimise the risk of falling by always assisting young children on steps. Alternatively, you could put up a barrier to prevent climbing, much like a stairgate within your home.


Your garden is likely to be surrounded by other houses and gardens, all of which could be home to a variety of pests. Keep the chances of rat infestation to a minimum by using bins with closed lids where you can keep rubbish or pet food. Keep an eye out for wasps making nests in trees, sheds and garages. Pests can spread illnesses or could bite or sting children and adults, so if you do have a pest issue, consider calling professional help like Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol to make your garden safe.


Lawnmowers, spades, garden forks – these can all present a danger to small children, so make sure you put tools away after using them. Also take care with outdoor fire pits, chimineas and barbeques that can stay hot for some time after use.

Poisonous Plants

Young children like to explore, and that includes putting things into their mouths. While children are unlikely to eat plant leaves, they might be more tempted by plants that have berries on them. Some berries on garden plants are poisonous, so cut back any fruiting plants that are within reach of little hands.

Making your garden safe is important when you have small children and vital for your peace of mind. Children of all ages need to be able to have access to outside space, so having a garden where you can allow children to explore and get some exercise makes it easy for you to provide that essential element to their wellbeing. Use these tips on how to make your garden safe for young kids, and get out there and have fun in your outside space!

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Last Update: Wednesday, 5th September 2018