If you’re someone who works from home permanently, a few days a week or simply spends their evenings and weekends catching up on work, a home office is a necessity. It’s very important to have a space that is separate from the rest of the house, where you can really get down to work and avoid being disturbed. If you’re thinking of creating a home office or redecorating an existing workspace, make sure you get the details right.


Colour Schemes

There are guides that will warn you against strong colours like red, orange and yellow, because they are seen to be distracting and intense. However, you should really go with a paint or wallpaper shade that makes you the most comfortable. Some people find strong, bold colours inspiring and others prefer more muted, relaxing shades like pastel pinks, blues and soft creams.

Walls and Floors

Some home offices look sparse and uninviting simply because their owners have neglected to decorate the walls and floors. Remember that while this is a workspace, it is also a highly personal area. If you work better with inspiring prints, motivational posters or special photographs hung on the walls, make this happen. Some people find too much visual stimulation distracting in an office environment, so simply go with you preference here. If you work in a creative profession, you may wish to add a large corkboard where you can pin pictures, doodles, cuttings and scraps of fabric, as this kind of ‘mood board’ may help your ideas to flow more freely. Your home office doesn’t have to seem clinical, so why not add soft rugs for the floor? They will make the space seem warmer and more attractive to you when you sit down to work.

Home Office Furniture

If you’re interested in a workspace that has a more classic appearance, always choose wooden furniture. Wood is durable, long-lasting and always looks attractive, as long as you care for it properly. Solid wood bookcases will lend any home office an elegant and sophisticated air, and can be purchased at competitive prices from retailers like Trade Furniture Company. The most important pieces of furniture in your home office are the desk and the chair. You will use these the most regularly, and it’s essential that they are high quality. Spend a little more on a professional chair with good back support, and a sturdy desk of the correct height, and you won’t go wrong.

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