From time to time, homeowners generally like to spruce things up with their home’s interior. Whether it be making your home shinier, introducing luxurious fabrics and trims or adding marble surfaces, there are various ways you can give your home a new, glamorous lease of life.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and discuss several ways you can make the interior of your home more glamorous!

Tips for Making Your Home More Glamourous

  1. Add Some Shine

While choosing the right colours (whether for the walls, furniture, or other fittings) can make a big difference to your living space, you should not overlook the power of a ‘shine’. Indeed, shiny surfaces and items are key to making a space feel glamorous.

One way of approaching this is to add shiny lighting elements. Metals and crystals are a fabulous way of enhancing the look of your home’s interior. If you add shiny lighting elements, it would be advisable to ensure that one particular lighting fixture (e.g., a shiny chandelier) is the focal point of the room in question.

When considering metallic items, you should ensure you go with a polished finish instead of an oiled or brushed finish. A polished finish will help maximise the shininess of rooms such as your kitchen or living room.

  • Fanciful Fabrics and Trims

The right fabrics and trims can make a huge difference in glamorising your home. Popular rich-looking fabrics include silk, velvet, embroidered lace, fringed chiffon, cotton, and sequined tulle. 

Velvet is a great option for furniture. While it comes with a flush aesthetic, it is nonetheless long-lasting. So, a velvet couch and cushions would hold up well over time, even if, for instance, you have mischievous pets. However, you shouldn’t overlook enhancing the trim of your living space. 

Simply upgrading your interior’s trim is cheaper if you can’t afford to upgrade your fabrics right now. One prominent example is nail head trim.

  • Small Glamorous Installations and Changes

Along with more sizeable fittings (e.g., a chandelier or a new sofa), there are some small or cheap installations and alterations worth considering. 

For instance, you could replace your home’s door knob, and cabinet pulls. This would be a relatively inexpensive way of giving your home a new lease of life. There are many luxury-style door knobs on the market, and without breaking the bank, you may want to consider designer door knobs. The same applies to cabinet pulls.

Beyond that, you might want to add decanters to your bar cart for special occasions and evenings with friends/family. You can purchase decanters for a relatively low price, but it could really add a nice bit of glamour to your home and add to the feel-good factor of an evening in with drinks.

Here are a few additional low-budget solutions to making your home more luxurious:

  • Have large wall art installed.
  • Paint your doors with a colour that contrasts the rest of the room.
  • Introduce a wall trim to your bedroom.
  • Add suitable and fanciful plants/flowers.
  • Create gallery walls by adding several rows and columns of framed paintings. For a conformed, luxurious effect, you should choose paintings of a similar theme. You may want to, for instance, have three rows, each containing four or five paintings. This can turn your living space into a bit of an art gallery.
  • Marble Surfaces

Marble is a gorgeous stone that can arguably add luxury wherever it appears. While marble tends to appear in homes as a bathroom or kitchen worktop, many marble accessories are on the market.

Here are some examples worth considering:

  • Marble tray
  • Marble bathroom set
  • Marble kitchen paper holder
  • Small marble table
  • Marble tissue holder
  • Introduce Framed Mirrors

While mirrors can be a glamorous touch to an interior in their own right, framed mirrors can be even more beneficial. 

Here are some ideas worth considering:

  • Round mirror with golden or silver frame.
  • Rectangular mirror with a thin frame.
  • Mirror with a complex and fancily designed frame.

Additional Ideas and Summary

If you’re curious to know what else you can do to give your home a look of opulence, here are a few additional ideas:

  • You are replacing your radiators with designer radiators such as those from Milano or Reina Neva.
  • Decorate your home’s interior with various mirrors.
  • Replace your home’s glass and tableware.
  • Newly installed bathtub with an opulent design or, if you’d prefer, a brand new, glamorously designed bathroom featuring marble and a colour palette which blends colours such as gold, black, and cream.
  • Add plush area rugs to your living room.

Ultimately, a plan is key whether you choose to introduce framed mirrors, another glamorous touch mentioned in this article, or several of our ideas. Before all else, you should consider your budget, how much you want to transform your home, and then determine how you’ll do it. Make sure only to undertake work that is DIY-suitable. If in doubt, hire a professional.

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