Are you looking for a simple and cost effective way to give your home a new look? Why not give it a mini makeover by installing new windows? By doing a simple thing such as upgrading your old windows, you’re sure to make your neighbors look twice when passing the newly renovated exterior of your house.

Replacing the windows of your home is not only aesthetically appealing but it can also save you thousands of pounds on your electricity bill, that’s if you choose to install some energy efficient windows.


There are five main types of window frames that can be installed to change and enhance the appearance of your property. Each window frame varies in price and they all offer a different look and feel – the one you choose to go with will ultimately depend on your own personal taste.

To fully enjoy your new window frame, you must ensure that it’s fitted with some quality uPVC double glazed windows. This will keep your home well insulated while also drastically reducing noise levels.

Don’t know anything about window frames? The following is a breakdown of the five different types of frames that you can choose from.

Aluminum frames

Installing aluminum frames is a great idea as they are extremely durable and will not get damaged by the weather elements. Due to their robustness, these frames require no maintenance – all they need is the occasional wipe down with a cloth to keep them clean. Because these frames are powder coated, they can be ordered in a variety of different colors.

Wooden frames

This is the most traditional type of frame. Wooden frames are beautiful for older homes as they embody a certain character that’s usually associated with Victorian style homes. The disadvantage of wooden frames is that they require constant upkeep as they absorb moisture very easily. They also need to be sanded and painted or stained regularly.

Vinyl frames

Vinyl frames are the most popular type of frame on the market at the moment, and this is due to their affordability and lightweight feel. Installing vinyl frames is very cost effective, as they tend to be cheaper than many other options. These frames also require no sealing and are extremely easy to maintain.

Clad-wood frames

A clad-wood frame is a mix between a wooden frame and either vinyl or aluminum. These frames are constructed from wood and are given an outer coating of either vinyl of aluminum. This allows for the homely feel of wood on the inside while providing projection from the elements on the outside. These require considerably less work than conventional wooded frames.

Fiberglass frames

Being relatively new on the market, fiberglass frames are probably the most expensive option to go for. Fiberglass is extremely strong and robust, which makes it an ideal material for window frames.

Not only will changing your windows give your home a brand new look and feel, they will also instantly increase the value of your home. A home remodeling project doesn’t have to be a huge expensive ordeal, as something as simple as upgrading your windows will give you and your family a whole new outlook on your home.

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Last Update: Thursday, 27th November 2014