Isla is going through a stage of doing her hair. I thank Trolls and I am very grateful. She loves playing with her hair, she is very girly. She brushes it 100 times a day, like a Princess should. She has also started to practice putting her hair in a ponytail. Which she needs more practice. What better place to practice than to sit at her own dressing table. 

Can be used as a study area or dressing table

The Kidsaw country cottage dressing table comes flat packed. It is really simple to put together, it took me about 5 minutes as it is a mostly slot into place design. Which is great. It has a good sized desk area, where Isla sits and writes her to do lists on her unicorn stationery, or she sits and brushes her hair in the mirror at the back of the desk. The set also comes with a pretty little white and pink chair, it has a heart shape cut out of it too. It is just so cute. 

It encourages Isla to do her hair

The great thing about the set is that the mirror is unbreakable. It is made out of Perspex. Fabulous idea. I would worry about leaving a breakable mirror in a 5 year olds bedroom. So that is a great design idea. The set is perfect as Isla can sit and use it now, to do her hair and have girlie fun. But as she gets older she could sit and do her homework at the desk. It is perfect for her. 

The desk space is great for playing 

Her favourite thing this week has been to play with her Tsum Tsum’s on the table. She lined them all up and worked out what ones were matching. She also puts them together in terms of movie, so for example: The Little Mermaid characters are all sitting together. She is very cute about duplicates, they are sisters or brothers. She sits there for quite some time playing with them. It’s nice that she has a place to sit and play. 

It’s great for role play

Isla sits at the dressing table and sings to herself in the mirror. I love it. It’s like she is in her own little bubble. Everyone else simply doesn’t exist. She sings along to her jewellery box, or she sings her favourite song of the day. That is usually a Moana one! She is very happy to sit and pretend she is a Disney Princess. It’s very cute. 

Encourages children to look after their belongings

My favourite thing on her dressing table is the little jewellery box. She puts her special things in this box. Where it keeps safe. Isla is great at losing toys, especially small things like bracelets and hair bobbles. So having this special box to keep her favourite things in is great. It really encourages her to look after her toys. You press the button and the characters dance on top of the box, it’s super cute. 

You can find this beautiful country cottage dressing table on the Kiddies Kingdom website. It is only ยฃ84.00 and a great present for a budding little Princess. 

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