The holiday season is still quickly approaching us, which means that if you haven’t already done it, now really is the time to make sure that you’re nailing down that list of people you want to give gifts to. While there are some people you might know inside out, or at least know enough to find them something they’re likely to be interested in, what do you do about the person you have yet to really get to know? 

If you’ve found yourself forming a fast friendship with someone or you want to welcome someone new to the family, then a gift is a great way to do it, but how do you choose one for someone that you’re still working out? Here are a few suggestions.

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The classic hamper

The idea that gifts always have to be some picture-perfect choice for the individual is one that could use retiring. There are some gifts that are pretty universally loved, and your recipient might enjoy them just as much as anything else. Hampers are a very widely loved gift and it’s not difficult to see why. They’re a basket full of treats and little bits that are designed solely for the enjoyment of the individual. There are all kinds of different hampers, too, so you can use what little you might know about the individual’s taste to pick the perfect one.

A pampering gift set

There are very few people who don’t like a little pampering session now and then. The opportunity to treat ourselves a little more kindly and to indulge in all of the senses is one that can be hard to turn down. As such, with something simple like a body and bath gift set, you can give your recipient everything they need to enjoy a nice relaxing evening. It might help them discover a new favourite of theirs or, at the very least, give them a decent break from the hustle or life.

Let them pick it out themselves

Even if you don’t know the recipient super well, you might have noticed something they have bought from a store you know, or heard them talk about a purchase they have made recently. Rather than using that to try and work out what you can pick for them, why not give them some room to treat themselves? There are all kinds of birthday gift cards, which are just as good for any time of the year. That way, you can give them the luxury of picking out something they really want.

An invitation to share

If there’s one gift that’s pretty hard to turn down, it’s the gift of food. A good meal, especially combined with a night out, can be a great idea. Gifts can work well as experiences, they don’t have to be physical products. As such, you can give them a gift card to a restaurant that you’re particularly fond of, of course. If you are both eager to get to know one another better, then you can make it an invitation to buy them dinner and to spend some time together but, otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with offering them a nice, free meal.

A little luxurious living

Helping someone feel more welcome and taken care of in their own home is always a good place to go. While decor items can be a very tricky minefield to navigate, no one is going to turn their nose up at a luxury-scented candle. The thought behind them is always very nice and even if they’re not particularly fond of it, once they have tried it, they don’t have to light it again. Giving a little luxury to someone you’re trying to get to know is always welcome.

A little bit of greenery

While, as mentioned, it can be tough to pick out the right decor items for someone whose style you haven’t worked out here, that isn’t as true for what is usually considered a traditional welcoming gift: a nice, low-effort houseplant. You can think of it as welcoming someone, perhaps not to the neighbourhood or local area, but to your life. It adds a nice splash of colour and life to their living space and has a whole host of mental health benefits. Just make sure you get it right. Don’t get them a plant that requires a ton of care and time.

The gifts above can be the perfect pick for someone that you haven’t fully worked out yet. In time, you will hopefully know them all the better to keep up this new tradition of exchanging great gifts.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 23rd November 2022