This years Father’s Day gift guide is full of wonderful gifts, including a beautiful personalised bracelet. There should be something for every Dad in this guide. I have categorised the gifts in themes to make it easier to find the right gifts for your Dad! Everything from the Golf fanatic to adrenaline junkie! Here it is my: Father’s Day gift guide 2023… I hope it inspires you to get something lovely this year.

Personalised bracelet from El Camino

I absolutely adore this bracelet for Hubby from El Camino. It is personalised to tell a story of Hubby’s unique journey; the things he likes doing and the places he has been. I loved choosing all the options and I think the colours work really well together. You pick a bracelet style and choose the steps: I chose some ocean and sea steps, adventure steps, region step and some spacers. I love it. I think it looks so stylish and means so much. I put all of Hubby’s loves on it from travel adventures to the paw, representing our beloved dogs that we lost this year. It really is a wonderful keepsake. El Camino Bracelets prices start from £26.99 for bracelets, £34.99 for necklaces, and Steps from £10.49. 

Lumi therapy recovery ice bath

Lumi Therapy – Home of the Recovery Pod Ice Bath and Mini Massage Guns, are the leader in cold water therapy and fitness recovery. They have launched the first UK Portable Recovery Pod Ice Bath, delivering ice cold therapy to your homes. They have so many health benefits from cold water exposure, including boosting the immune system and metabolism, reducing stress, better sleep and faster recovery to name a few. Isn’t this what every Dad needs? From £75.00 you can have your very own ice bath in the garden this Summer!


I love thortful, they have some amazing cards and gifts too. There is so much choice for Father’s Day too, make sure you get over to the site in good time and use my discount code too. Check out this amazing offer from Thortful for my readers, 15% off when you buy 2 or more A5 cards. Just use the code:


Readly unlimited magazines

A subscription to Readly, the digital magazine and newspaper app, will inspire dads hobbies (whatever they may be), keep him informed and updated on news and trends and it is a sustainable choice too. Plus it’s great value for money so guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face this Father’s Day. As Readly gives unlimited reading to 7,000 digital magazines and newspapers, your dad can read all the magazines he wishes. So, whether you’re looking for something to inspire his passions, spark his creativity or keep him top of the world and up to date with the latest news and culture, Readly has a title for everyone in the app. A subscription is £9.99 a month and there is a range of Giftcards available. Readly has a special Father’s Day offer of £19.98 for 3 months of unlimited reading. Visit for more information.

Roses that last a year

With each and every Eternal Blossom Infinity Rose arrangement you are already able to create an exceptionally personal gift. Each arrangement comes presented in a beautiful gift box, creating an extra special gifting experience before the roses have even been revealed! The roses will last for about a year and they come in such a lovely keepsake box. The personalised 9 rose box is £99.00.

A new phone case

Wave have created a wonderful range of phone cases, affordable eco-friendly products and they are biodegradable. It is a unique solution to tackling the millions of plastic phone cases that are disposed of every year. They have some beautiful designs and some plain cases, I really love the texture of them. They feel really nice. At £25.00 they are a brilliant price too.

Non-alcholic Whiskey from Cleanco

CleanCo is the premium non-alcoholic spirit brand founded by Spencer Matthews, who offers a selection of premium non-alcoholic spirits that taste just like the real thing across gin, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey, allowing consumers an alcohol-free alternative without compromising on taste or social interaction. Clean W is like Bourbon Whiskey, but without the alcohol. A characteristic Bourbon nose with classic notes, oak and sweet vanilla, underpinned by rich spice, apple and figs, with a smooth finish. At £16 it is a brilliant price for any whiskey lovers.

Ginger Baker’s treats

Ginger Baker’s Chocolate & Stout Cake – a totally indulgent treat for any dad this Father’s Day but handily without the hangover!500g Chocolate & Stout Loaf Cake has been carefully crafted by Ginger Baker’s resident cake bakery development team. They have spent weeks hand-baking and refining the recipe to create a totally show-stopping cake. At £7.50 it is available for you to buy online and have delivered to your door.

A good book

If you love a good book then try this Urban Scarecrows by Jim Chambers, this is a real page turner. A story of human emotions and frailties: love and hate; lust and betrayal; cowardice and bravery; cruelty and kindness; rejection and reunion; death and renewal. You can grab your copy from WOB. Thank you Literally PR!

Get rid of that unwanted Tech!

Something a little bit different on this one; why not get Dad to organise his old unwanted tech and make some money from it. Spring data show that the average household has just shy of £800 of unused tech with most people not realising the value. It is free to send them your unused tech and they offer you a price for your tech. You can see what the average prices of tech is on the Spring website.

Best of the Royals

TOMY have some amazing games out there, the Best of the Royals is such a fabulous game too. The LOGO family is all about the ‘things (and people)’ we know and love. The Royals are arguably the best-known family in the world as well as one of the best known ‘brands’ in the world. The monarchy is Britain’s national treasure. We have all grown up reading, seeing and hearing about its members and their activities. It’s currently £10 in the sale at The Entertainer too.

Kikkerland goodies

I love Kikkerland, they do some amazing gifts for everyone. Beer yoga is a light-hearted party game for adults. Each game comes in a decorated ‘beer can’ case with one die, pose cards, beer chips and instructions. £16. Sports Trivia game is a great game that will test your sports knowledge, £7. The Golf Flask is perfect for any golf fan too, it includes a divot and 3 tees, £25.

Tracklements Father’s Day bundle

Whether Dad is a budding chef or just loves his food, treat him to the new Tracklements Father’s Day
in a sustainably packed Yum Yum box. The Father’s Day bundle is £21.95 and includes Particularly British Piccalilli, Wholegrain Chilli Mustard, Fresh Chilli Jam, Sweet Mustard Ketchup and Tomato & Chilli Chutney. This photo is from last years Father’s Day bundle.

Egyptian face cream

Hayaty Egyptian Recovery Face Cream is made from Black Seed oil, Bio-liquefaction and Plant Stem Cell Technology to support and optimize the skin’s natural overnight recovery process from external environmental aggressors. It is perfect for skin pollution, damaged skin barrier, dull, dryness, fine line and wrinkles. For £36 it is a great price and lasts a long time too.

Gel Blaster fun!

Hubby will love these Gel Blaster that will take our park fun adventures to the next level. The new Gel Blaster SURGE. Adrenalin filled, competitive play doesn’t need to be messy! The Gel Blaster SURGE is a fun filled blaster with barley any mess or clean up. Gel Blasters starch based Gellets are eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-irritating and burst on contact.   All you need to do is soak them in water for 2+ hours and watch your ammo grow! These are £60 per gel blaster.

Gillette beard maintenance

Gillette Labs launched their first razor with a built-in exfoliating bar. It changed the game by giving people the best, and most effortless, shave of their life. Now, in 2023, the brand has introduced the Gillette Labs Neon Night, an exciting neon green and black colourway. The built-in exfoliating bar clears the path before the blades for an effortless shave in one stroke and the handle comes with a money back guarantee, so it’s your ultimate shave or your money back. Currently £14.99. The style master is a simple tool that offers 3 stubble styling options. With 3 combs to help you sculpt an individual look, 4 cutting elements designed to trim different hair lengths, and a pivoting head that adapts to the face’s contours, the Style Master gives you the flexibility to master your stubble style with ease. You can grab this for £20.

Nutrition Geeks Immunity Bundle

Nutrition Geeks, one of the UK’s fastest growing consumer brands providing sustainable supplements and vitamins with maximum benefits at affordable prices to over 300,000 customers, has an Immunity Bundle with Iron Energy +, Vitamin D3 and Turmeric which would work very well for Dads, to make sure they get the right vitamins and be at their best health. Currently on offer for £15.99.

Menthoderm exercise cream

Menthoderm exercise cream is a menthol aqueous cream, which can be used to soothe and cool heated, dry, irritated and itchy skin conditions. Menthoderm® has a unique formula, with two preservatives, which provides double the protection and helps to reduce the risk of cross contamination, especially if hygiene is an issue. The preservative Undecylenic Acid also helps to protect dry and irritated skin. These 100g tubes are £5.76 each, perfect for your gym bag!

I hope you like the selection of goodies for Dad this Father’s Day – I would love to know if I inspired you to get something. Let me know in the comments below and tell me what was your favourite from the Father’s Day gift guide 2023? Don’t forget you can check out last years gift guide (2022) for more ideas too! Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s out there.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024