Looking for a new home is an exciting activity for families, well depending on your family of course. Some even make a trip for it. Looking at different neighbourhoods and dream houses and imagining the design and furniture to put in each room make a bond that each will definitely enjoy. But there are important details people tend to overlook because of the excitement. So here we have created a family checklist to guide you when you make the big leap into buying a new house.

Check the location and make sure it has easy access to important places

Location is one of the first important things you need to check. When you survey the location, you have to check if there is a convenience store you can easily go to. Check for other parks or play places as well so that your kids will have a place they can hang out to. For instance, the house and land packages in Epping North are located in a community that is thriving, complete with fitness centres, convenience stores, and sports facilities.

To do this efficiently, make a list of places you and your kids enjoy like parks, shopping centres, or restaurants as well as places you need for emergency.

See if the neighbourhood is friendly and conducive for kids

Looking for fun things to do in a new neighbourhood will be useless if the people are unfriendly. Of course you want to form friendships and bonds with the community with the hopes of staying there for a long time. The community will be a part or your life so it’s necessary to have neighbours that are approachable and nice.

Make sure your house has the aesthetic appeal that fits your lifestyle

Your family home is where you want to be comforted so it’s also important to select the best that suits your lifestyle. Basically, choose a house that fits your family’s personality. This is surprisingly important because it would be tedious to take care and maintain a house you cannot really connect with aesthetically.

The size of the house should be appropriate to the size of your family

This is obviously an issue if you do not find a house the fits the whole family. Some people will choose to overlook this because they have ticked off a few items on the checklist like a good neighbourhood, great location, and an aesthetically pleasing house. But that would be completely useless if the family does not fit in it.

Check if it’s flexible to be remodelled

Sometimes you do find a house that is a perfect fit but you can’t be sure of the things to come so it would be better if you pick a house that is easy to renovate and expand if your family gets bigger.

Check if the house gets enough natural lighting

Natural lighting is important not just for the purpose of energy saving but also to one’s health. You do not want to live in a perpetually dim house which lights needed to be turned on always even in day time.

After ticking off these boxes, give the house once-over to ensure you haven’t missed something. Once you have done this, you are definitely on your way to a happier and fuller life with your family.

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Last Update: Friday, 13th January 2017