If you are looking to give your child a competitive edge, then one of the best things that you can do is to introduce them to another language as early in their development as possible. The brain of a child is highly adaptable and is almost like a sponge as it can soak up and retain so much information at a young age. There are articles online that have plenty of information on what makes a good environment for a child to learn a second language, but there are also other things that you can do to help to encourage them in their learning.

Make It Fun

For a child to learn anything quickly and be able to retain and use that information, you need to make it fun to help encourage them to learn. A classroom environment is not always the best place to learn, so you will need to find a tutor or language school that offers an exciting and stimulating curriculum. You can use the internet and your favourite search engine and type in the search bar “looking for day care centers near me”, and you will see all of the local facilities that are close to you. Before enrolling your child, check out all of the potential centers and make sure that the atmosphere and environment are fun and inquisitive.

Let Them Bring It Home

As well as your child learning a new language, an excellent way to lead by example is learning the same language as them, at the same time. Doing this will allow you to practice with your child and help them to develop their language skills and to increase their confidence by putting those skills to the test. We often find that tasks are easier when working with someone else, which is the same with learning, and you also get to have a lot of laughs with your child as you both learn new words and phrases.

Set Them A Goal

Rather than set a goal yourself for your child, let them come up with the goal that is set and if completed will earn a reward. One way is to use exam marks as a result, and if the marks are good, they will receive a reward. What you give as a reward is up to you and your financial situation, but if they can stretch to it, you could tempt them with a holiday where they will be able to put their new language skills to the test.

Do Not Push Too Much

It is important to remember that although children do need encouragement, you should also not push them too much. If you do push too much, you could end up with a child who hates the language that they are learning and they only reason they are doing it is to please you. When they get to their teenage years, they may not be so accommodating! With the right environment and encouragement, you could end up igniting a passion and curiosity for new things that will last them a lifetime!


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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019