So, its finally here the wonderful Easter holidays and also, happy Good Friday everyone! I have been working with Debenhams to put together this list of things that will help make the Easter holidays be more fun, also give you ideas of great gift ideas for the little ones over Easter. 

The Easter holidays packing list



We do not buy the children a lot of chocolate over Easter, purely because they so much chocolate from other people. So it is always nice to have a look at other things, like toys and clothes, as well as what chocolate egg you are going to buy. 

Something to eat

Most importantly, for an Easter packing list you need an Easter egg. Choosing the right chocolate egg can be tricky, we always choose eggs that can be split up, so that the children do not eat all of it at once. For example the Cadbury’s Mini Eggs Easter egg comes with the egg and a bag of Mini Eggs, which means you can split that up. Which also makes it great for packing too. 

Something fun to do

CB51D1B250569047F5804325731030CBWe always choose a game that the children can play together, so that it entertains them both and also encourages them to take turns and share (something that is not going too well at the moment). I am looking forward to playing the Pop! Pop! Piñata! game with them both on Easter morning, after the Easter bunny has been.

The idea of the game is to bop and pop for prizes, prizes pop out any time they hit the party button and so the children have to collect the prizes. Whoever gathers the most prizes in the end is the pinata-popping winner! It does sound fun. It can also be tucked into a weekend bag or suitcase easily, so can be taken on trips of all types. 

Something to wear

Looking colourful over Easter is my main aim, getting those fantastic colours in photos is what my mind thinks about when choosing clothes for the children. It is great at the moment, Spring fashion seems to be heaving with bright colours and spectacular patterns for the boys this year. I had lots of fun looking through the clothes on the Debenhams website under their holiday shop section. I ended up choosing a lovely collection of items for Noah for under £50, great for taking away and also great for Easter egg replacements! I thought he looked completely magnificent: 


Noah is wearing: 

Easter egg hunt

Whether you are going on a weekend break, to visit family or just family time away, or a weeks holiday in a sunny country, you can always prepare an Easter egg hunt and the children just love them. You can buy plastic, empty eggs, from anywhere these days and fill them with little gifts. Either little chicks, little chocolate eggs or little toys. 

Disclosure: we received these products in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own. 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 25th May 2016