I know Spring is here, but golly it is still chilly, I crave hot meals and comfort food when it is this cold. We were recently invited to try out the new Domino’s app and we made the most out of it by trying the new Pick N Mix deal: 1 large pizza, 1 chicken dish, 1 starter and 2 drinks. Yummy! We also purchased my favourite ice cream: Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food.


If, unlike me, you are unsure of what you want, you can download the new Tummy Translator app in the appstore and let your tummy decide what toppings to have on your pizza. Put your phone with the app on, near your rumbling tummy and see what your tummy wants for it’s pizza toppings. It’s a great way of learning about new flavours and trying new things! With the other Domino’s Pizza app, I actually ordered our meal. It was the easiest thing I have ever done, in terms of ordering a meal. I simply downloaded the app, it found my location, I ordered the meal deal I wanted, choosing the right bits to go with it all. The fact that it prompts you to choose the right things was great as we didn’t forget anything. Then once you are happy you send your order through and pay via PayPal. The app then shows you the process of where you order is, which I thought was fab. So I could see that the food was going into the oven, then it was ready, and on the way to us. Yippee. Such a clever idea.


IMG_1036.JPGIMG_1034.JPGI can now say that I am totally addicted to the Domino’s garlic mayo, it came with the pizzas and it was delicious. We chose the half and half pizza as me and my husband have completely different tastes in pizza toppings. I had a New Yorker which was yummy and hubby chose The Sizzler, which also looked yummy, but I didn’t want spice that night so I stayed for a calm topping choice. We had twisted pepperoni doughballs for starters (this was our sumptious side), which were the most amazing things I have ever eaten. They are light, fluffy and the pepperoni flavouring throughout the dough is extremely tasty. I would recommend to anyone to try these if you eat at Domino’s Pizza soon. For our chicken side dish we chose to have the chicken kickers which had a little fire to them, but in a really good way, they were yummy and complimented the other choices well. We each had a bottle of fizz, which was a real treat as we do not normally drink Dr Pepper and as I mentioned above, we made the most of dessert with the Ben & Jerrys ice cream option.


I think you all need to download the Domino’s Pizza app and use it for your next take away; the only issue is that it is possibly TOO easy to order online! Thank you Domino’s Pizza for purchasing our yummy meal as a way of trying out the app and process. If you feel inspired, you can see the Domino’s Pizza menu on their website here.


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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018