Disney sent us a beautiful Sofia the First Singing Doll, which Isla and Noah both love – she really is an enchanting precious little princess. The Disney Store have only just started stocking Sofia the First products and I thought we were very lucky to get this opportunity. Resembling the Disney Junior princess, its magical details include realistic hair and a satin gown, and she sings when her tummy is pressed.


She comes in the box with her grown, gown and shoes (we took the shoes off of her so that Isla could play with her), she has realistic hair that is all tied up nicely – so be sure to undo all of the little tags to set Sofia free from the box. Her head, legs and arms move around – so she can stand up and sit down – she is quite versatile in what position you put her in.

When you squeeze her tummy, she sings “Anything”, the magical song from Sofia the First – the voice is a great match to the actual Sofia which makes it more realistic for the children. I can’t wait until Isla starts singing along with her and playing with her dolls properly – admittedly at 1 years old she is a little young to understand what a doll does, but she certainly recognises her and dances along to her singing and Noah always asks for “Princess Sofia to go on”.

She doesn’t sing the entire song, but she sings the first verse and chorus: I’m takin’ off into something new. There’s so much I gotta do. And I’m the only one who thinks I’ll make it through. But the only way to win, Is to try and try again. They wanna count me out, but I’ll make them count me in. I can be anything. I can see anything. You can teach anything. I can reach anything, I can do anything. So can you, Anything that you try. Look and see, You can be anything.

Sofia entertains us wherever we are, when she first arrived she had to sing all throughout breakfast. Noah’s face was a picture as she started singing and Isla was staring in amazement – it is so cute watching them both enjoy toys from things they watch nearly everyday.


You can see all of the fantastic products on the Disney Store website: www.disneystore.co.uk. You can like them on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter: @DisneyStore.


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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018