How you start your morning can dictate how the rest of your day will go. If you’ve gotten up from the wrong side of the bed, as some people would say, then you might expect the rest of your day to be a bit more stressful and annoying than usual. No one wants to deal with that, which is why there are people who establish routines that will help them start their day right and maximise their chances of remaining productive during their waking hours. I have never mastered the morning routine!

Morning routines differ from one person to another. Some people require a bit of time to get themselves together, while others want or need to spring into action the moment they open their eyes. How then do you design a morning routine that fits your lifestyle and will enable you to get the best possible start every day? Here are a few strategies that you should consider when devising a morning routine that will help improve your productivity levels.

Start the Day Right by Having a Good Night

A good morning is the product of a good night. The amount and quality of sleep you’ve gotten the night before plays a significant role in how you feel when you wake up, your energy level, and what time you’ll get up. Go to bed at the same time every night and make sure that you have enough time to get restful sleep. If you need to calm down a bit before sleeping, how about using the Muslim Pro app to read the Quran and use the scriptures to guide you in your night prayer or meditation? You can check out the Muslim Pro Instagram page to see tips on how to best use the app and incorporate it into your daily nighttime routine. 

Plan for Your Success

No matter if you’re a morning person or not, you can enjoy better productivity levels by having a plan or schedule for the day. You can do this the night before by listing the things you need to do in chronological order or according to level of priority. It’s also an option to do this when you wake up. You can spend a few quiet minutes in the morning plotting out your day and listing down the tasks that you must accomplish. Doing this will help you focus your mind on your agenda for the day and gives you the chance to mentally prepare for the challenges that you’ll face. If possible, keep a detailed schedule for each activity so you know exactly how much time you must spend on each before moving on to the next task.

Give Yourself Enough Time to Prepare in the Morning

Do you need to cook, choose your outfit, report to the office, or take the kids to school in the morning? Mornings are quite busy for many individuals and households, but it’s not a good idea to rush through your daily routine. If you find that you don’t have enough time to cook or choose your clothes in the morning, why not do them ahead of time? Perhaps you can meal prep over the weekend and simply reheat your meals when you wake up or pick your clothes out before you go to bed. This way, you won’t get too stressed out due to the lack of time. By approaching your morning routine in a less hurried manner, you’re less likely to forget important stuff at home and less likely to feel stressed out before arriving at the workplace. Plus, remaining chill in the morning will help you easily shift to work mode once you’re on the clock.

Exercise in the Mornings

If your schedule permits it, it’s a good idea to wake up extra early and make time for exercise. On top of being a basic component of a healthy lifestyle, exercising can also boost your mood and help you mentally and physically adjust to the demands of your workplace. Scheduling this essential activity in the mornings is practical, as you’ll be able to accomplish a major task early into the day. This success, in turn, can spur you to continue giving your best to your other activities. At the same time, making a habit of exercising regularly will help you lead a healthier life and improve or maintain your physical capabilities for a long time.

Mornings are the perfect time to get things done, so you need to use this period well to boost your productivity levels throughout the day. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to establishing a productive morning, but you can easily design your own morning routine that takes your personal concerns and considerations into account. By adding structure to your mornings and ensuring that you’re prepared to face challenges and opportunities presented to you at home and in the workplace, you’ll have an easier time accomplishing as much as you need to do and finding success in most if not all your activities

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Last Update: Friday, 3rd June 2022

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