We recently got sent some Cuprinol to help transform our new garden, Daddy built a fence and Mummy & Daddy painted it this beautiful Seagrass colour. The fence looks so much better and the garden still looks pretty, it’s done a fantastic job.


We started off with a fence, untreated and we needed to prepare it for summer, so we used up to tubs of this Seagrass to double coat the fence. I love the 1950’s colours and inspiration for the garden, the Cuprinol garden shades are vintage inspired and candy toned. They look fabulous in the garden: paint the bird house, planter or the fence. I want to get a picnic bench and paint it all different candy colours so it looks like a beach hut – it will look great up against the fence.


The garden shades include Sweet Pea, Forest Mushroom, Mediterranean Glaze, Rhubarb Compote, Rich Berry, Sky Reflection, Summer Damson, Purple Pansy and of course the Seagrass. I love the ideas of how to colour garden furniture on the Cuprinol website: Furniture decorating ideas. I have lots of fabulous ideas of what I want to do in the garden over Spring in preparation for Summer. Against our Seagrass panel fence, I think it will all look really nice:


Step 1 has been completed, thank you to Daddy, we have a fence which separates the dogs area from the children. Now I have a lawn area that I can look after for the children to play, safely and I will make it look pretty. Step 2 will be to buy a new picnic table and I will get a variety of the garden shades of Cuprinol and make my beach hut inspired garden. I have until Isla’s birthday to get the garden how I would like it. Step 3 will be to paint the bird house on the fence so that it is included in the theme. If you take a look at the Cuprinol Facebook page you will get inspiration and updates on offers.




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Last Update: Wednesday, 2nd April 2014