Country Kids: An Autumn Dog Walk

We took the doggies out for a big walk this morning, it was nice to get out in the fresh air and Noah really enjoyed finding all the fallen leaves.


The woods were still quite green, which was a nice contrast to the few patches of brown leaves that covered the grass. I just love autumn leaves and especially seeing little Noah enjoying himself running around in them. Isla enjoyed a little nap in her buggy whilst we took the dogs out and the dogs, well they had fun chasing the ball and Noah. It was lots of fun for everyone.








We always make sure we tidy up after our doggies too!!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  • Lovely Leaf Shots! Thank you THANK YOU for the proud poo-picker-upper shot. I LOVE IT. For many reasons:1:poo is funny 2:but it is definetly NOT funny when it’s hidden under leaves and gets on shoes and scooters 3: when I hold my poo bags, I feel ashamed to be walking down the road carrying poo and try to hide it from passebys in shame. I now feel like I am not alone.

  • You can tell we are still between seasons from the lovely mix of autumn colours mixed with rich green still from summer. I love that close up on the ground leaves that fades away to a blur. Very clever.

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