Command sent me some fabulous products before Christmas, which I have to admit were a god send! Not only did they help over the Christmas period with the decorations, they have helped me decorate my lovely new home with out doing it any damage – perfect for a tenant!

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We were sent a few of the range from Command to try, including: clear hooks, decorating clips and hanging strips. Because they are all clear, it means I can hang things without a horrible nail or dark coloured hook on the wall that stands out a mile. Because we rent the property it is also really handy that we are not marking the walls or causing any damage. The decorating clips came in a pack of 20 and they were really handy over Christmas and just general house things since moving in. I have used these little beauties to hang some of my lovely hearts and decorations through out the house.

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The revolutionary Command™ Clear Adhesive Strip, holds strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, tiles and wallpapered surfaces. I have got them on a painted wall, wallpapered wall, wooden staircase and my marble fireplace and they all hold on all surfaces just as well as each other. It is great! I just need to get some pictures for the frames now – can you notice the hooks? Hardly!

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Over we Christmas we used the hooks and clips to hang some of the Christmas decorations – they are still as sticky as when I first applied them to the surface so we will be able to hang other decorations throughout the year too. I did take one of the hooks off from its surface, just to see if it left a mark – it didn’t. I am really impressed with these products and would completely recommend them. They are definitely worth it.

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They really are easy to apply, you simply take the adhesive strips and remove the protective layer on both sides – there is a video on the Command website here.

To see all of the other fabulous Command products, please visit their website: You can follow them on social media networks too: Facebook and Twitter: @CommandBrand .

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Last Update: Wednesday, 15th January 2014