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Wayfair sent Isla a beautiful bench, which doubles up as a toy box: it is really beautiful and extremely baby/toddler safe. The Celine Bench from First Baby Safety is great for use a little seat for the tots and storage for all their toys.


The Celine bench was incredibly easy to build, once I worked out the right way to slot the 4 sides of the box together. Nothing to do with the instructions, it was just that I didn’t see how it slots together initially. The flat pack comes with a Allen key and screws, it comes with its own safety catch for inside the toy box to stop the lid from slamming and the screws to connect that up too. You do not need anything else from the toolbox to get this beautiful chair created.


Once I had the toy box section slotted together it was a case of screwing them together to make it a solid structure. It came together really easily from then and probably took me about 30 mins to build from start to finish.


I thought the quality of the bench was really great. It was relatively easy to put together on my own, I think with 2 people it would have shaved 10 minutes off of the start of getting it built which would have been nice. The instructions were really simple to follow and very clear, so I knew what I had to do to get the bench built. It was ready in a few steps: putting the box together and screwing the pieces with the Allen key, attaching the lid and back of the bench using the screws and then inserting the clasp inside the box to protect little fingers. It took me around 30 minutes in all to build and I was very impressed with how beautiful it looks. I am really looking forward to putting it in Isla’s new bedroom when we move.


We are always looking for storage solutions with all the toys the children have and this was such a beautiful idea, a toy box and a seat. Not to be mistaken for a climbing aid to touch things you shouldn’t though which Isla has quickly worked out. So it has been purposely placed away from anything that Isla should not touch.


The safety clasp is such a good idea, it prevents the lid from slamming shut and closes the lid slowly – it applies pressure to the lid to help it close slower. You see them a lot on cupboards and drawers in kitchens, but slightly different designs. I think its a brilliant idea and First Baby Safety have obviously really thought about the fact children will be using this toy box.


The kids just love the little bench, they sit on it frequently and they love getting all of the toys out and thankfully putting all of the toys back too. Which is really good. I feel confident with them using the toy box as I know the bench lid is child friendly with the clever clasp inside.


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If you would like to win your very own Celine Bench from Wayfair.co.uk then all you have to do is keep your eyes peeled for the competition post coming very soon…. 

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Last Update: Monday, 4th November 2013