I have recently been sent the most amazing printer money can buy, a Canon PIXMA MG7150 and it is the best family printer that does everything from set up easily to print your beautiful photos from your smartphones. I am totally in love with all of its fabulous settings and features, and the fact I get to use it for challenges set from Canon themselves is even better, here is #Challenge 1.

My first challenge was “Capture an image of your children enjoying the sun at the weekend using the printer with your smartphone, and print it using the PIXMA Printing Solutions App“. Of course I was very happy to oblige.

PIXMAAPPThe PIXMA printing solutions app is so easy to use and very intuitive, it was great to use. On first use it gave me a little wizard so I could see what was what (I had already set my printer up to my wireless network) I knew I wanted to print a couple of photos and so I tapped the photo icon from the main screen. This took me to a screen where I needed to choose my photos and when I was happy with the photos I had chosen I tapped print. I was faced with a few options, I love photos with white borders and so I chose to have them bordered and then tapped print. Because it was the first time I used the app it asked me to confirm the printer that I wanted to use and I tapped OK. That was it, my photos were printing out, my lovely children enjoying the sun on Saturday afternoon.


You are shown a series of screens when the photos are printing, so you are aware of the printing progress. The prints took about 3 minutes to print out and they are stunning quality, I am amazed at how quick the printer is. It is such a brilliant piece of equipment, I would recommend this to anyone who loves printing out their beautiful photos.

pixma (1)

So here is my end result, my beautiful babies:




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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018