Children get on average 10 colds a year – three times as many as adults, so the chances are that now winter is well and truly here and the air is cold and damp, your kids are bound to succumb.  But there’s no need to worry about their little noses feeling blocked or runny or generally horrid – new Aqua Maris is coming to the rescue, all the way from the Adriatic Sea.

We were sent Junior and Baby versions from Aqua Maris and I was really impressed with how they both worked to clear the kids noses and also the mechanism on the bottle made it so easy to administer. Isla was the wriggler and I don’t think she particularly liked it, but she doesn’t seem to mind it now.

Aqua Maris Baby

Normal breathing is extremely important for healthy sleep, feeding and development in babies. When a baby’s nose is congested, this often causes problems when being breast or bottle fed.  Aqua Maris Baby has been specifically designed to fit babies’ noses with a gentle dropper action to gently moisturise and cleanse the nasal cavity, therefore helping them breathe more easily. Isotonic seawater is suitable for use from birth and can be used for daily nasal hygiene prior to breast or bottle feeding as well as during illness such as a cold.

Aqua Maris Benefits

  • Natural, gentle and clinically proven solution for nasal congestion
  • Natural purified seawater containing many essential minerals and trace elements
  • Advanced patented unit dose system
  • Dropper for babies – easy to apply in prone position
  • Preservative-free, sterile and safe
  • Gentle, effective decongestant action for all the family

Aqua Maris Junior

Aqua Maris Junior is designed to be a more appropriate product for young children, using a spray dosing system rather than a dropper.  Often, small children are exposed for the first time to a wide variety of viruses and bacteria as they mix with their own age group. Containing isotonic seawater, Aqua Maris Junior is suitable for daily nasal hygiene as well as to help with congested nasal passages, to ease breathing and to help ensure a good night’s sleep.  It can be used for children and babies from 6 months.

AM Junior CMYK

Did You Know:

  • Seawater’s healing powers reduce the risk of infection and can speed up healing
  • Using seawater as a form of therapy, also known as thalassotherapy, has been around for centuries and was used by the Ancient Egyptians
  • It has a natural decongestant effect, clearing nasal passages and easing breathing – quickly and gently

Aqua Maris products are available in independent pharmacies and health food stores. Baby 15ml is £4.30 and Junior 30ml is £4.49.

Have a look on the Aqua Maris website for more information on products. You can like them on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter: @AquaMarisJGL.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019