A tent? A sun shade? A play area? A travel cot? The NSAuk Deluxe UV Travel Centre is a great pop up tent that you can use for almost all situations, where you would need a pop up tent, it is a must have travel essential. My children love it, it adds another dimension to playtime and our friends love it when we have dinner parties, as there is somewhere for the kids to sleep.


The technical bits

The travel centres are are British Standards Travel Cot approved. The standard version only weighs 2kg, which means you can carry it on your shoulder and it is not too heavy. They are SPF35 protected ideal and safe for UK and warmer climate holidays, this was great when we were in Turkey and little Isla wanted her afternoon nap, it meant that I could bask in the sun knowing she was shaded, SPF protected and comfortable. It is fast and simple to put up and take down with a self-inflating mattress – no need for pumps. It is super quick to put up, literally seconds for the pop up tent to “pop up”.

Travel cot

The travel centre can be used a really good travel cot, it has a mesh net for if you are camping or on holiday, it has an inflatable mattress which is more comfortable for your little ones and it is also machine washable – so you can keep it clean. You can use it with the zip up or down, depends on where you have the travel cot placed I suppose. I wouldn’t need to zip up Noah for example if he wanted to sleep in his tent but Isla I might do. We are going to take it with us when we next go camping, so the kids have their own little tent to sleep in, inside the big tent.

Play tent

The children love this travel centre for the play tent side of things, they will sit in it and read stories to eachother, play with their toys and they fight over who is sitting in it sometimes. They love it! It is an exciting game all in itself just to have the yellow tent out. I love the happy photos I have of the children using it in the garden too, it makes me happy watching them play nicely together.

Getting it back in the bag

It does recommend it folds away in seconds, now I have to be honest, with the instructions it did take me a good 15 minutes to fold it away on the first attempt. I couldn’t get the first bit to fold together properly and that meant I struggled to get it back to the circle shape. But now I have had some practice goes it really is a nifty little pop up tent that folds away reasonably quickly. I would recommend having some practice goes before you need to use it in a “rushed” environment, otherwise you will be panicking about missing your flights (on holiday) or missing the cab (if you have taken it to a friends for a travel cot).

Even the pets love it:


You can purchase one of these great travel centres from Safetots, they are selling for £74.99. This may sound expensive, but when you think that it is three products in one and can be taken anywhere. You will get your moneys worth out of it really quickly. This would be great for over the Christmas period, if you have family and friends staying or you are taking the little ones away with you. This travel centre was winner of a Gold Mother & Baby award and best value award too, so I am not just saying it – promise! 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019