I was very lucky to receive this unique and very stylish mirror from Moroccan Bazaar. It is a beautiful item and a very stylish way to see our reflections throughout 2018. I love Moroccan Bazaar, they sell some beautiful things from kitchenware to furniture. You may remember we ran a fabulous competition with them last year too. 

It is a one of a kind mirror and so I had to make it a prominent feature in our house. Isla and I love making silly faces into it when we walk in from the school runs. The children always use it when they are getting ready for school too. To double check they are ready for the day. It’s amazing how a thing, such as a mirror, can bring you together. I often find myself pondering in the mirror, reflecting. Especially in the mornings when the sun is shining through the front door. It has a calming feel to it. 

Buying something similar

Moroccan Bazaar advised me that if you wanted to buy yourself a similar mirror, to brighten up your home, then the Modele is quite similar. The Modele mirror is slightly larger than our bespoke mirror and the pattern is a little different too. But you would get the similar feel of this design in your house. 

The mirror came packaged, perfectly, on a crate and delivery was really quick too. I was so impressed how well it was wrapped up to ensure it’s safety in transit. Lots of bubble wrap for the kiddies to play with too. 

Bespoke services

Moroccan Bazaar make custom pieces, designed to order. Which not only means you can have a one of a kind item, like our mirror, but you can have something built that you designed. If you look closely at the mirrors detail you can see the individual craftsmen impact. Each batch is made by the craftsmen and moulds are never reused, or copied. This is to ensure that pieces are always unique. 

7th January 30% off

I have been given this code to share with you for a one off sale for 24 hours on 7th January (call it a birthday treat). All you need to do is enter this code at the checkout:


Here are some of my favourite photos with the mirror so far, I am sure there will be more over the years too. Happy memories to reflect on! 


Enjoy looking at the Moroccan Bazaar website, take a look at all of their ranges and feel inspired for 2018! 

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