We love our play kitchen so much in the Constant household and especially making tea for everyone that visits, not forgetting Mummy, Daddy & Isla of course. So when we were sent the cute Disney Princess Magical Tea Party set from Inspiration Works, we got very excited – Isla loved that it had her Disney Princesses on it and Noah loved the magical teacups most. Did you know that the teacups in this set are magic? Noah loves them…


What do you get in the box?

The set comes with a teapot that plays tunes when you open the lid, which Noah and Isla love listening too. They literally dance when the teapot lid is opened, it is really sweet. The teacups come with magic spoons, that when you stir the Princess tea it makes the glitter swoosh all around the cup.


The teaset is great as it is really encouraging Noah to role play, he makes us a cup of tea in the mornings and he even puts the teapot in the microwave to “ping” it because he has watched us ping his milk at nighttime’s in the microwave. It is really fascinating watching him copy what we have done and how he does it through his play. Toys like this are a fantastic way of inspiring great games and it is also helping him with his speaking as he is learning new words and sentences – he asks us if we would like tea and we say thank you, so he is picking up manners along the way too.


Isla loves playing with it too, she isn’t playing with it in any constructive methods at the moment like Noah is, but you can see her happily playing with the teaset and making tea in her own little way. She loves lifting the lid up and dancing to the teapot tune, she rocks on her knees from side to side and gives you a gigantic smile.


If you have little people that love role play and also love Disney Princesses, which both of mine do, then this is a fantastic teaset and you can buy it at a really good price on Amazon in the link above too.

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