Isla was sent the new Pop-Up Store from L.O.L Surprise! and she loves it. The amazing 3 in 1 toy comes with everything your little lady needs to play with her L.O.L dolls. She’s been needing something like this for ages, such a great idea.

The Pop-Up Store is a 3 in 1 playset because it is: a carry case, a set of shops and a stand for your dolls to display! It is perfect if you have a little L.O.L Surprise! collector in the house. The set comes with a special doll too – surprises all around!

Shop mode

This is Isla’s favourite mode. She sits and plays for hours with her dolls. Putting on accents. Pretending they are walking to school and stopping off in town. There is a pizza restaurant, a cafe for that quick refill of coffee, fashion boutique and a place to get all of their clothes. There is also a hair salon. Such a great idea to spark their imaginations.

Carry case mode

This is excellent for when you are visiting family over Christmas. You can put 55 dolls in the carry case with their accessories. As you know, each doll comes with a bottle, clothes and a fun accessory. There is a handle so you can carry it easily and two neat little drawers to put all of their little shoes away. I am so nervous we will lose them all.

Display mode

The only thing we found with the display setting is that the dolls have to have their shoes on, otherwise they simply do not stand up. So make sure they are dressed before you show them off on display. She loves standing them all up though, she is proud of her little growing collection. Its a great idea. You can stand 36 dolls in display mode and you can show them off anywhere.

The Pop-Up Store costs 39.99, but Argos have it on offer at the moment which is amazing. What do you think of the L.O.L Surprise! goodies? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 19th December 2018