This year I didn’t want to do a huge party with a lot of children running around, mainly because Daddy was away the weekend of Isla’s birthday but sometimes its just nice to make a special effort for our family. We do a lot with friends and their children, hosting BBQs and Christmas parties, so it was nice to just make it a family thing. So what were my tips to hosting a 3 year olds afternoon tea party:


Keep the list manageable

The thing with an afternoon tea party is that you have a lot of foods which are either expensive or time consuming.   If you invite 30 people and their children that could easily creep up to 50 people and then you have at least 100 sandwiches to make, scones to prepare and a lot of tea bags. Which is fine if that is how many people are coming to your party, just be aware of how many items of food need preparing. We kept it to 25 people coming to Isla’s birthday party which was manageable for me. 


Get family to help

Because it was family coming to the tea party it was really easy to get some help. I asked auntie Rebecca to make a birthday cake, which was a fantastic Elsa cake and she also made savoury and sweet scones, auntie Rachael to make some chocolate goodies, a fantastic chocolate Frozen sleigh, Nanny & Grandad made some cupcakes and Great Grandma bought everyone platters of sandwiches to save me making them. The food went down a treat, it was a fantastic spread. So all I had to do to prepare for the party was tidy the house and a few little odds and ends, drinks and snacks. I did make a yummy fruit salad and hummingbird cake though. 


Be creative 

I love to add a little touch to our parties, our little afternoon tea party was no exception. I got some beautiful personalised posters, banners and bunting from Hello Party to decorate the house. The collection was ยฃ80, but it really did make the house look perfect for the party. Everyone commented on the posters and bunting, they were really impressed and it also remains a nice keepsake for Isla. 


Have fun

Because there were only my children at the party they were spoilt and had the centre stage the entire time, which was lovely as family got to spend time with them. They had trampoline fun with everyone and hide and seek too. The best part of their afternoon though was when Daddy came home, bearing gifts of course. 


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