Does someone in your life have an obsession with Japan? Whether they’re from the far-east or just dream of visiting someday, there are a number of great ways to incorporate their love for the culture into gifts. Here are some of the nine best gifts for Japan lovers. 

1. A Subscription Box

There are subscription boxes for just about everything these days — and Japanese culture is no exception! Consider giving the gift of a Japanese subscription box. Each month, your loved one will be surprised with a mixture of snacks, candies, and teas from Japan to try. This is perfect for someone who wants to sample new cultural treats.  

2. A Restaurant Gift Card

Your loved one probably enjoys Japanese cuisine. Check out local hibachi, sushi, and ramen restaurants. You might consider gifting them a gift card to a restaurant that serves this type of food. Or, even better, why not join in on their dining experience and take them to one of these restaurants for a special occasion? This can be a great way for you to learn more about the culture, too!

3. A Tea Set 

There’s no doubt that the country is very famous for the Japanese tea ceremony. One of the best gifts for someone with a love for the culture is a traditional tea set. Be sure to choose a set that comes with a bamboo tray.

Keep in mind that a tea set wouldn’t be complete without tea. Consider purchasing Japanese matcha, green, or barley tea bags to go with the set. 

4. Origami 

Japanese origami plays a huge role in the country’s culture. Consider purchasing your loved one some authentic origami. Another option is to buy them a book that teaches them how to perform this papercraft. This is perfect if they’re an artistic or creative person. 

5. Name Necklace

Name necklaces have been trendy in recent times. Did you know you can get a name necklace designed with Japanese characters? This can be a perfect gift idea for the jewelry lover in your life! 

6. Kakigori Shaved Ice Maker 

If your loved one has ever been to Japan, they’ve probably had the chance to try kakigori — or Japanese shaved ice. It is possible to order a kakigori ice maker online that ships from Japan. Your loved one will enjoy making this frozen treat from the comfort of their own home. 

7. Sushi Kit

If your friend or family member loves sushi, a sushi-making kit can be a great gift! These include recipes, rolling mats, chopsticks, sushi rice, and vinegar.

This gift can be a great idea for a couple’s date night. Buy your loved one the sushi kit, and then have fun making it together!

8. A Sake Set 

This can make a great addition to a sushi kit. Sake — or Japanese rice wine — is commonly paired with sushi. A set includes a ceramic flask and four small sake cups to drink from. This is a thoughtful gift the alcohol connoisseur in your life will be sure to adore! 

9. A Trip to Japan

There’s no better gift for someone who loves this culture than a trip to Japan. If you’re able to afford to take your loved one on a vacation, there are lots of things to see and do once you get there.

Some of the places you’ll want to visit on a trip to this island nation include Mount Fuji, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Tokyo’s Imperial Palace, the Tokyo Skytree, Historic Kyoto, Temple City: Historic Nara, Kiyomizu-Dera, and Osaka Castle.

This gift will take a lot more funding, as well as some planning. That being said, this is a gift your loved one will remember for many years to come!

These are just nine of the best gifts for Japan lovers. If your friend or family member loves the culture, they’ll be sure to love any of these gifts. 

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Last Update: Saturday, 29th October 2022

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