With 40 looming over me, (next month eek) it has got me thinking about things and mindsets I can do/change right now and next year. It’s often how we feel on the inside that really counts. However, being able to get more things ticked off the bucket list of life can be helpful to do before you’re 40. This is a list of things I wish I had done or will try and do in the next 5 weeks. Wish me luck.

Why? Well, for many, there’s the commitment of a family that often takes up a lot of time. While this period of life before turning 40 can be busy enough, getting older does mean you become less mobile. That means certain activities and bucket list items can feel less appropriate or doable. 

With that being said, take full advantage of life now and get these eight things ticked off before you turn the ripe – young – age of 40.

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Learn a new skill or two

Having a plethora of skills that you can lean back on is useful to have, even as you get older. For example, there might be some who decide on a carer change at a later age and having more skills in your work toolkit is going to help make that transition a lot easier as a result.

Think about learning a new skill or two whether that’s something you could use professionally or it could be something personable that brings more fulfilment in life. Learning new skills is often a good reminder that we can always learn new things in life and that just because we reach a certain age, that doesn’t mean the end of learning.

In fact, when it comes to life as we know it changing and evolving, being open to that change is important. Enjoy learning more and add a few skills that you’d like to perfect to your to-do list over the next few years.

Get a piercing or a tattoo

It’s often two things that get done in the younger years of life but who says potential mistakes aren’t worth making when you’re reaching the age of 40? That’s life, we only get one, so we might as well try everything. 

Regardless of whether it looks good or not, there’s enough out there nowadays in the form of surgery and cosmetic treatments to fix a botched tattoo or piercing. However, while it’s worth adding this to the bucket list, it might be worth considering what it is you want before you get it.

For example, there are plenty of piercing options from belly button piercings to daith piercing options. The same goes for tattoos, although a little more permanent. It might be worth doing a bit more research and careful consideration for tattoos! I might actually get my tattoo tidied up as I never got it finished.

See as much of the world as you can

While it’s still possible, try to see as much of the world as possible. As you get older, mobility can become a bit of an issue, especially if there are already existing medical conditions in play. Getting out into the world and seeing more cultures and ways of life can help you become a more well-rounded person.

Take a few more trips each year, whether it’s a week-long holiday or a quick weekend away. There are plenty of last-minute deals and low-priced opportunities to do plenty of it on the cheaper side if needed.

Be sure to check off every place you’ve visited and see how much you can get done over the years before you turn 40. For me this will be what places I want to visit moving forward.

Read more books

Just like it’s been mentioned already, learning is something that doesn’t stop once you’re out of education. We’re all continuing to learn and there’s a lot that can be gained from books too.

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Break a negative habit

Negative habits are always good to break because chances are, they’re not doing good things for your body or mind. Consider any bad habits you currently have and aim to get them cut before turning 40. It could be attracting toxic friendships that have taken too much from you in the past or it could be an unhealthy habit of smoking or taking drugs that are damaging the body.

There are lots of negative habits that humans can pick up and breaking them can be a refreshing change that’s needed. 

Learn to love your body

We should all be able to love the skin we’re in but that’s not always the case. The world around us can dictate what our bodies should look like and that can impact our mental health as well as how we see ourselves.

However, the only person who should care about your body is yourself and when it comes to bullying your body, that person is still that young child you used to be. Learning to love your body can quite possibly be one of the most wonderful achievements to make before turning 40.

Achieve something you’ve always wanted to do

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t quite had the opportunity to achieve it? That might be the case for many people who have always wanted to try a new hobby or learn something new. Whatever it is, do it. It’s better to live a life that’s been lived to the fullest and not one that is full of regrets and what could have been.

You can achieve anything you put your mind to, remember that when self-doubt comes creeping in.

Make peace with your past

Finally, and probably one of the most important parts of turning 40 is making peace with your past.

Of course, there are things in the past that some of us may wish we did differently but those routes in life are what have defined the person you’ve become today and who you’ll be in the future, beyond the age of 40. There’s still a lot of life to live, which means your mind shouldn’t be stuck in the past. Make peace with that and finally move forward! 

With 40 being a new chapter of life, make sure to do as much as you can with the time available before reaching this number!

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Last Update: Saturday, 3rd December 2022