At least 6 in 10 households own a pet (source) as you know we had 3 pets up until last year. Among these pet owners, further research showed that the most pressing concern was cleaning up after their pets. But what if they had a robot vacuum cleaner that could do that for them? Yes, it would make all the difference!

Robot vacuum cleaners are automated devices that vacuum floors, carpets, rugs and other surfaces in the home with ease and precision. This would have been perfect for us! For pet owners, there would always be a mess in their homes as a result of their pets moving and playing around. So having a robot vacuum cleaner has a lot of benefits in reducing stress and making their homes cleaner.

1. Easy collection of Pet Fur

One of the most important functions of robot vacuums for pet owners is to remove fur and dander from your home. Robot vacuums are designed with high suction power to enable them to efficiently remove the fur and dander. Removing these not only makes the air more breathable, but also helps to prevent allergies to adults or kids at home. Some also have HEPA filters which makes the removal of allergens much more effective.

2. Hands-free cleaning

A recent survey showed that more than half of house owners find cleaning stressful and time-consuming (source). And one chore that constitutes a major part of cleaning is vacuuming. However, with the smart vacuum cleaners, you do not have to expend a lot of time and energy anymore. In fact, automatic vacuums are connected to an app on your phone, so you can get them to clean your house before you arrive. Some automatic vacuums also allow voice integration, so you can give a voice command to the robot vacuum cleaner to clean your home. This particular feature is very useful for people who are disabled and aged.

3. Reduced Noise

Traditional vacuums are very loud. This can make your pet anxious and disturbed. With automatic vacuum cleaners, however, the noise is much reduced and pets can even play around the device while it is working. Some models even have a silent or quiet mode that further reduces the volume while working. Other features like sound isolation and brushless motors come with some models all in a bid to reduce the level of noise generated during operation.

4. Save more time

One of the reasons most pet owners have trouble with cleaning after their pets is the time it consumes. The pet can create a mess anytime, unannounced and this can be disturbing, especially when you are in a hurry. With robot vacuums, pet owners do not have to bother about cleaning up after them. Instead, the automatic vacuum cleaners can clean up after your pets, as many times as needed, while you spend your time relaxing or doing other things that you enjoy doing.

5. Reduced stress

It can be very exhausting trying to remove pet fur and dander from your home surfaces manually. With robot vacuum cleaners, you can let go of all that stress while your home is still cleaned and fur-free.

6. Pet safety

Traditional vacuums with their powerful suction can suck your pet’s tail, or even the whole pet if it is small enough. But robot vacuum cleaners are built to be pet-friendly and so have pet safety features to prevent harm to your pet. These features include navigation and mapping technology to help them avoid your pets, pet toys or litter box. You can also use the mapping features to prevent the vacuum from going close to your pet’s box. Part of the safety features of some robot vacuums is their live stream feature which allows you to monitor the activities of your pets in the home even when you are not there.

7. Efficient cleaning

Some parts of your home are more difficult to reach and clean, for instance, under your bed. Guess what accumulates under your bed? Pet food, pet fur, dog hair, dust, and so much other stuff you never knew were there.

Traditional vacuums cannot get under these places. But robot vacuums can, so you prevent an unhealthy accumulation of dirt and debris in your home. On top of that, since pets, especially cats, tend to lose hairs on a daily basis, it can be overwhelming to clean your floor every day. That’s where robot vacuum with auto-empty functions come. No need to do anything, just let your cleaning robot do the job, empty itself, and clean again.

8. Different cleaning modes

You can switch between different cleaning modes with automatic vacuum cleaners. So, you can clean up after your pets irrespective of the surfaces they have created a mess on. Some cleaning modes include turbo mode, spot cleaning, carpet or rugs cleaning, or spot cleaning.

A staggering 71% of robot vacuum cleaner owners would buy the device again because they are satisfied according to Statista. A customer satisfaction as high as that can only mean one thing: Robot vacuums are delivering on the ease and convenience they promise. Pet owners can leverage this ease and convenience to have homes that are safer for pets and free from allergens.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 22nd May 2024