The Easter holidays are fast approaching, which means that many of us will be visiting friends and family, we’ll be taking part in Easter activities, egg hunts, trying to catch a glimpse of the Easter bunny and even heading away for a few days on a little family break.

All sounds wonderful doesn’t it. But when millions of others decide to head away for a few days as well, then you can expect to be stuck in traffic jams and trapped in the car for hours on end. And when you have little ones to contend with, it’s not always an easy thing to get through. Studies show that many parent dread travelling with their little ones, mainly because they can’t soothe or pacify them as they would at home. So, with that in mind, I’ve come up with 5 ways to keep your kids busy whilst travelling.

Good luck!

Get the colouring

Did you know that you can print off colouring pages online? You don’t need to bring bulky colouring books with you. Just head online before you travel and print some off – for discounts on printer ink at click the link – the kids could even choose their own to make them really invested in the activity. You can treat them to a pencil case filled with lots of pens, felt tips and more! Just pack plenty so they don’t start fighting over who’s had the red pen the longest!

Let them bring their own toys

Giving them some freedom with what they bring with them on the car journey can make it all seem very exciting. Of course, if they want to bring a dolls house along with them then you’ll have to put your foot down but let each child take a small bag and fill it with little toys. It’ll keep them occupied for a few miles at least!

Try an audiobook

I often get car sick if I try to read whilst in the car and many children are the same. So, why not try an audiobook that everyone can enjoy? Make sure you choose an audiobook before you travel so there are no arguments. It doesn’t have to be a whole novel, it can be a short story or a collection of smaller tales. You’ll be amazed at how quiet the car will become!

Make a playlist

As well as an audiobook, you can always make a playlist. Again, this is something that the kids can help you put together and they can look forward to hearing on the journey. Put together a playlist of their favourite nursery rhymes, Disney tracks, or songs from their favourite movies. Try to keep this for the last leg of the journey – as listening to Old MacDonald had a farm on repeat can get a little tiresome after several hours…

Go, go gadgets!

Love them or hate them, tablets and smartphones are part of every day life. There’s nothing wrong with letting your kids have some “tech-time”, especially when you’re stuck in a traffic jam.

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