I have never been in the position where I have online dated, it seems completely bewildering. When I was sent these tips on how to use it, I thought I would share them with my readers. There are plenty of online dating mistakes you can make these days, and you may not even be aware of them. Some of the biggest mistakes can happen naturally. So, from using the wrong types of images coming off as one-dimensional, here are a few of the biggest to avoid.

Ignoring the Site’s Bio Section

Dating apps have a bio section for a reason, and it’s so someone can get to know you before even speaking with you. You have to include who you are, what you enjoy, and your ideal partner. But all too often, people are too vague or ambiguous about themselves. If you are new to it all or having trouble, these Tinder tips from TextGod can help give your profile the little boost it needs. Use these, because if a potential partner can’t get a picture of who you are, they will swipe right. 

Poor Quality or the Wrong Photos

Almost all of the time, people will judge your profile on the images you upload. You need to be careful here because there are many mistakes you can make. Some of the worst include using very low-quality images that are blurry or dark. But also uploading the wrong type of images. For example, it can be a turn-off for a partner if they see you with too many images of the opposite sex. And while we all love selfies, uploading too many can make you come off as self-obsessed.

Online Dating Mistakes Include Messaging Everyone

You have to be really careful about who you message when using dating apps, as not everyone is genuine. There are many scammers on dating apps who target people looking for romance. And some of these are extremely dangerous. So, you increase the risk of exposure to these people when you cast a wide net. Additionally, messaging too many people can result in getting lost in your engagement, and you will end up having to juggle too many conversations.

Bragging a Bit Too Much

No one likes self-absorbed people, no matter how rich, good-looking, or even funny you are. When you come off as bragging about your life, it all too often seems fake and like a desperate plea for attention. And you will only end up attracting the wrong kind of person who wants you based on what they can get from you. It’s fine to be proud of yourself, but a profile similar to a spoiled rich kid or only listing what you have that others don’t won’t really get you anywhere.

Using More than a Couple of Apps

Dating apps aren’t that new, but the industry is huge, with a worth of almost $10 billion globally across approximately 1,500 apps. With all these apps available, it is easy to sign up for too many and spread yourself a little too thin. It might seem logical to use more to get more, but you will actually end up having to juggle too much. The best action is to focus on just one or two dating apps. That way, you will remember who you are engaging with and can improve your profile.


Not writing a good bio is one of the biggest online dating mistakes you can make. It also never helps to message too many people or use more than a couple of apps to keep yourself going.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024

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