There is no denying how essential home improvement is to homeowners worldwide, especially in the UK. According to Powered Now research, five million Brits redecorated various rooms in their homes during the pandemic lockdowns. For many homeowners, bedrooms are often the last space that comes to mind when redesigning rooms. However, improving your bedroom is worth the investment to enjoy a more comfortable and relaxing space. If you want to learn more concerning sprucing up your bedroom, please consider these points. These are some fab ways to Spruce up your bedroom.

  1. Make your walls more interesting

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Artwork and wallpapers on your bedroom walls can significantly and instant impact your bedroom’s look and feel. Consequently, invest in some extraordinary paintings and posters that reflect your passions and interests for display in your bedroom. Additionally, you can make a collection of family photos on bedroom walls with the most open space. You can even build a gallery wall so that you can introduce various art pieces to your bedroom space consistently.

  1. Get creative with lighting

Lighting is undoubtedly a crucial element in any room, but it is especially vital when you are thinking about creating an inviting and calming atmosphere like a bedroom. You can explore various lighting solutions that can transform your drab bedroom space into something more appealing. For instance, you can consider swapping out your lightbulb or any other dull ceiling fixture for more spectacular lighting options like a chandelier or suspending lantern to give your space some panache. Similarly, you can invest in string lights and bright bedside lamps that can quickly become your bedroom’s star attractions, so keep this in mind.

  1. Change your bedding

Your bed is your bedroom’s focal point, contributing significantly to its ambience and style. Therefore, changing your bedding is one of the most practical small changes you can make to spruce up your bedroom space. You can choose bedding in colours and patterns different from what you currently have or used in a traditional bedroom setting to make a significant impact. For instance, you can opt for an animal print comforter to switch things up. Also, you can choose bedding based on other styles you prefer, but experts recommend always going for a strong pattern or colour to bring your bedroom to life genuinely.

  1. Add a splash of colour

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As per 2018 research from Wickes, a leading home improvement retailer, households across Britain stored about 139 million litres of paint for home improvement that year. Indeed, paint remains a mainstay of interior decor for many homeowners, and you can continually transform your bedroom with a splash of colour as well. However, it is always best to carefully pick your bedroom’s colours since they reflect your personality and affect your mood and energy levels. Additionally, colour can alter the shape and size of rooms and their furnishings. As such, consider using bright colours to brighten your bedroom and make it feel larger, or opt for darker colours if you want your bedroom to feel smaller and cosier.

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Last Update: Thursday, 9th September 2021