I was recently inspired to get restoring old furniture at home when I saw all the great tips in the localtraders eBook “28 tips on how to decorate”. There are so many great tips, like removing paint from carpets and how to put up shelves – I think its the most useful little eBook in my iBook app.


I thought I would get to grips with my furniture in the conservatory as it needed a little lift and this eBook helped me get to grips with painting woodwork. The below image is the finished article…


The chair was just a wooden chair, the same wood colour as the dining table and I followed the tips from the book, I used wood filler to fill in the gaps that you could see in the wood from over the years. This was the main reason that I wanted to paint the chairs, the cat had used them all as a scratching post over the past 4 years and they needed a new lease of life. I used a wood primer first and then went over it with a couple of layers of the lovely duck egg green glossy wood paint. I got the chair covers to finish them off, I love them – I left the table in its original state as I thought this would give me a country, rustic look that I was after… I was right!

curtainpole (2)

curtainpole (4)

I then started to look at curtain poles and all kinds of things, the duck egg green glossy wood paint came in very handy. I stuck to the same policy of priming the wood and then giving it a few coats of the wood paint and I have to say the curtain pole looked completely different and it is now in little Isla’s room with her pretty curtains. 

If you have any inspirational ideas based on this eBook then please do share them, I would love to see what you are doing in your own homes. I love decorating and being crafty with furniture: there is something quite therapeutic about it all – or maybe I am just taking after my Mumma.

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Last Update: Saturday, 13th July 2013