Today is #12DaysofConstantChristmas Day 11, a fabulous 24 hour competition. Today you can win a bundle of toys from WOW Toys: Dudley Dump Truck and a Dexter the Digger. They are worth £60. A great prize for someone special. 

#12DaysofConstantChristmas Day 11

Wow Toys are pretty much obsessed with creating super cute, super tough toys for your little ones to love …and all with no batteries required! Today is a great bundle of two of their fab toys. 


What do I win?

Dudley Dump Truck  

10190_Feature2I’m Dudley and I’m as tough as nails! Everyone knows I’m the boss on the construction site, even if Dexter Digger likes to think he’s the boss every now and then! I can tip my load if you turn my power switch and my powerful motorised action makes me shake and shudder like a real truck!

If I’m not working on my muscles, I’m drinking a nice cup of tea with my pals, Mike and Dexter. You can always count on good old Dudders and my construction worker driver, Marky, to get the work done on the construction site!

Dexter the Digger

01027_Feature2I’m Dexter, but you can all me Dex! Whenever there’s a problem on site I’m here to sort it, and whatever Dudley Dump Truck says, I’m the boss around here! I can lift heavy weights with my sturdy digging arm, and I can spin around to offload it in any part of the site.

Press my secret WOW button to discover all sorts of mystery things on board and my motorised action means I can whizz from one end of the construction site to the other in no time at all. My strong, but easy to use scoop action can lift anything on site, 

How do I win?

To win this toy bundle from Wow Toys, simply fill out the entry form below:
WOW toy bundle

This competition is 24 hours, it will close at 11:59pm 22 December 2015. Good luck.


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Last Update: Thursday, 12th May 2016