Are you a stay at home Mum planning on launching a new home business? Whether it is an online store for baked goods or your personally designed outfits, you will need the services of an experienced commercial law expert. The lawyer will create vital contracts and legal agreements avoiding intellectual property rights mistakes. They will keep your business protected. Today, we will discuss five simple steps to get you started with hiring a good business attorney.

Hire a Commercial Law Attorney

Always hire a reputable commercial law expert from your area of residence. The reputable law firms have experience in handling legal matters for startups,  SMEs as well as large enterprises. They are equipped with technical legalese knowledge and familiarity with state regulations. As a woman entrepreneur, you will most probably benefit from hiring a licensed attorney who has managed commercial aspects for home-run businesses before. Set up a meet with different lawyers and ask them the questions highlighted below to evaluate their capabilities.

Know the Following Things

Make sure you discuss all aspects of your business with the attorney and ask questions to understand their professional prowess. A few things you should know about include:

∙        How much experience does the attorney have in your type of legal project?

∙        How many years of legal practice has he been through?

∙        What is his or her track record of success?

∙        What percentage or portion of his caseload is dedicated to managing commercial matters for home businesses?

∙        Does he have state licenses and technical certifications? Special skills?

∙        What are the consulting charges & his fee structure?

∙        Is there malpractice insurance? What is the amount?

Ask Others For Recommendations

Check listings of bar associations to find out recommended attorneys for your type of legal matter. If you have any friend mom or a relative who runs a home-based business, consult with them. Asking peer attorneys always may help too, as they are well aware of the professional competence & reputation of their colleagues. They will always lead you to the right person. Furthermore, they may offer classified information about the attorney like their working style, ethics & practices that you might not find online.

Run A Background Check

Before hiring a commercial law expert, you should run a background check by interacting with the lawyer disciplinary agency from your state and reviewing their directory. It will give you a limpid idea of the lawyer’s standing and credibility. Go through references from attorney directories and the lawyer’s peer review ratings at Also, check with members of the bar and the state’s bar association for licenses and ethical standards.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 13th June 2023