Happy Fathers Day Daddy… a poem 2017

Happy Fathers Day Daddy from your girl and your boy,
the little ones that give you enormous joy. 
The little ones that fill your heart and you with smiles, 
from cheek to cheek – it spreads for miles. 

Happy Fathers Day Daddy from the ones that you raise, 
the ones you have fun with at the end of your days. 
The ones that love you no matter what, 
the ones you teach words to like: boobies and butt. 

Happy Fathers Day Daddy from all that you made, 
for security, safety we’re never afraid. 
You look after us best, that includes Mummy too,
everything you do is perfect. Yes, that’s you.  

Happy Fathers Day Daddy we love you so much,
we want you to forever keep us in your clutch.
We love you so much in every single way, 
and we wish you a super Daddy’s Day. 


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Happy Fathers Day Daddy… a poem 2017

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