It was Saturday, my due date (5th May 2012) and I was feeling very poorly, I’d had braxton hicks all day and it got to about 10pm and I started feeling sick, I had a fever, diarrhoea and the braxton hicks felt a lot worse. I managed to get myself to sleep, only to be woken up in the middle of the night with mild contraction feelings: they passed after an hour and I went to sleep again. I woke up Sunday to have absolutely nothing!

Bank holiday Monday, we tried 2 of the things that you are advised to do, to spur on labour but they didn’t work… Still no baby!

Tuesday I had braxton hicks all day and evening, but by this time I wasn’t thinking anything of them because I just thought that this baby is never going to come out…

Wednesday I had again a lot of braxton hicks, period pains and back pains, at exactly midday my waters broke! I was picking Noah up to put him in is highchair for lunch and they just went. It wasn’t a huge gush of water, like it did with Noah it came out as a gush and then trickle. I had to go to the toilet to check it was what I thought it was and it looked like someone was turning a tap on and off and it was clear – so I was convinced it was my waters.

Wednesday afternoon we needed to go and see the midwife so that we could check for definite that my waters had broken, she was just about to do an examination when another gush of water came out and therefore an examination wasn’t necessary…phew! She confirmed my waters had gone, checked baby and heartbeat and advised me to keep an eye on my pads- if it is brown/greeny I am to call labour ward ASAP.

We were booked in to Hinchingbrooke hospital for an induction 8am the next day (Thursday 10th May 2012) unless overnight baby decided to come of its own accord…

Baby didn’t and off to Hinchingbrooke we went… Who knew I wouldn’t be back home until Saturday evening!

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Last Update: Tuesday, 15th May 2012